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tying with rattles

ok i make no apologys for pluggin piketrek rattles the reason is simple they are the best i have used and not only do they give a fantastic deep bass rattle sound they are also very cheap youll find a materials list at the botttom of the page

step 1

having tied on either your tail or back body material you attach a rattle as above place the rattle towards the front of the hook but not right up against the eye and add some wraps of thread (i use clear mono) you can after this step add glue or varnish to get a good hold i add a coat of varnish to portect against teeth

step 2

what i do now is to start adding material and tie it in hollow tie style i tie it in backwards so that some material is covering the rattle i seal it with varnish before i tie it back as in the next photo

step 3

 having folded back the material you can see the body shape starting to happen also notice that the first lot of body material is tied into the lip of the rattle varnish is added to secure and the rattle is now invisible

step 4


i then add 4 bits of material one on top one on each side and one on the bottom then fold then hollow tie them back and varnish the whipping to secure this is just to protect against teeth

step 5

a couple of your choice of eyes ive used 9mm rubberized eyes stuck on very lightly just at the point where you can see the lip of the rattle

step 6

 layer on some epoxy to start forming a head and to secure the eyes in

the finished product 

 materials list (all avalible from one company piketrek click the link to go to the product used)

hook- 5/0 longshank aberdeen hook

belly- fin yellow pike body

back - melon orange pike body 

rattle - piketrek rattle

 eye - 9mm red

youll notice i havent added lengths to the materials used , the reason for this is as a fly you can tie up pretty much any size you like  

 enjoy a great fly that catches fish

dave mcfluffchucker

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