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Creating the New Model Army

I wargame the English Civil War using 28mm Figures. However I have quite a small table to game on 4'x4'. 

My main interest is Parliaments New Model Army and I wanted to create this with my 28mm figures.

Obviously this was going to need thought so:

The Historical New Model Army was set up with 12 regiments of Foot each with 1200 men 1/3 being Pike

The Cavalry was 10 regiments of 600 men

A single regiment of Dragoons of 1000 men.

Sucking my pencil and playing with figures I realised if I reduced everything to a third I could do it.

Therefore I have:

4 regiments of Foot (1 regiment representing 3) each containing 12 figures 4 of which are pikes Each figure represents 100 men.

3 regiments of Horse (Each regiment representing 3.3) Each regiment containing 6 figures again each figure is 100 men.

1 regiment of Dragoons formed by 10 figures each representing 100 men.

Each regiment is given the name of an actual commander with flag and musician.

Artillery is one gun model.

Obviously I have worked with the paper strengths and most units were under manned in reality.


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