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Battle of Alton 1643

This is a scenario designed to be played using the "For King and Parliament" rules by Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall

he Battle of Alton, of the First English Civil War, took place on 13 December 1643 in the town of Alton, Hampshire. There, Parliamentary forces serving under Sir William Waller led a successful surprise attack on a winter garrison of Royalist infantry and cavalry serving under the Earl of Crawford.

This scenario was inspired by the chapter "Fight for Alton Church" in the late Donald Featherstone's book "Wargame Campaigns"

I have very loosely based the map on the one drawn by Donald Featherstone. I have also based the order of battle on his but increased the number of units.


Order of Battle for Parliament

William WallerCommanding Genera  1Number of brigades in army 2

Sir Arthur HaslerigColonel1Number of brigades commanded         1


London Trained Bands GreenPike & Shot standard battalia            1 -

London Trained Bands RedPike & Shot standard battalia               1 -

Kentish FootePike & Shot standard battalia                                  1 Veteran-

Waller Commanded ShotCommanded shot battalia                       1 -

 Field Artillery                                                                           1


Haslerig's LobstersDutch-style Cuirassiers                                   1 Veteran-

Survivors of Roundway DownDutch-style Horse                           1-

Waller's HorseDutch-style Cuirassiers                        - small unit 1 -

Royalist order of Battle

Unit nameUnit typeNumberQualityModify

Lord CrawfordCommanding General1Number of brigades in army          2          

Colonel Richard BolesColonel, gallant1Number of brigades commanded  1   


Lord Crawford

Crawford's HorseSwedish-style Horse                                      2 Raw-

Crawford's HorseSwedish-style Horse                                      1 Veteran-


Colonel Boles

Bole's FootePike & Shot standard battalia                                1 Veteran-

Oxford ConscriptsPike & Shot standard battalia                        1 Raw-

Bole's ConscriptsPike & Shot standard battalia                         1Raw-


The Map

I don't know why one unit each side is shown smaller than the rest. But has no impact on scenario.

The light squares on the map are hedged enclosures. The buildings show the town with St Lawrence Church. They are shown in enclosures to represent the church wall and building boundaries.

In the actual battle the Parliamentary Lobsters attacked Crawford's Horse and routed them into Alton. They then made off! Crawford said he went for help! This left Colonel Boles to hold off the attacking enemy. He died in a last stand in the church of St Lawrence. It is believed that Colonel Richard Boles is an ancestor of mine on my Mother's side.

In this scenario I have allowed Crawford to try and redeem himself and he has rallied his horse to the southwest of Alton. This is to give balance. Colonel Boles is Commanding the Infantry and artillery.
He is with his veteran foot.
On the Parliament side you will notice Hasselrigge's Command is split with one unit out of Command. Hasselrigge himself is with his Lobsters. Waller is with his Commanded shot.

The artillery are galloper guns. They can move on activation or fire on activation. They move 1 box. They can move and then fire for further activation with -1 on the card drawn.
The Royalist player needs to make good use of the terrain. The Parliament player has to winkle out the Royalists.

The table is based on my 8 box by 8 box table. The small number of units involved give a fast paced battle.

I have played the scenario and had a very close battle. Parliament won with only 2 victory medals left. 


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