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WW2 in 2mm

I have sailed forth into uncharted waters! World War 2!

As a child i played "Wargames" set in WW2 with Airfix figures. But then my interests moved to Ancient, War of the Roses, English Civil War and Napoleonics, 

I still gamed in WW2 but in the Air using "Wild Blue Yonder" and "Blood Red Skies".

Now I have forked out for a 2mm Battle pack WW2 British and Germans from Irregular. The pack comes with everything you need. Tanks, anti tank weapons, Infantry, heavy weapons and Transport, plus rules.

Painted both armies up over 3 days!

For rules I have chosen Pz8 which are a derivative of Irregulars "Mechanised Warfare" rules, which while very good are a little complex ror a WW2 newbie like me!

Click for Map
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