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Pikemans Lament Missions


It is 2 hours before dawn 1st September 1651. Oliver Cromwell is travelling towards Worcester where he is to take command of the Parliamentary forces.

He stops at the village of Broadway in the Cotswolds and billets himself at the Lygon Arms Inn. He has a small body guard with him. The rest of his forces are scattered around the district in any accommodation the Quartermaster could find.

Captain Richard Blunt of the Royalist forces hears from a farm worker that Cromwell is at Broadway. Being thirsty for honour and advancement he formulates a plan to capture Cromwell or failing that kill him.

Blunt approaches his Colonel, a John Wormwood, who agrees to let Blunt take a small company of troops (13 points) to carry out his plan. However he stresses to Blunt that if the plan fails or backfires he is on his own.

Royalist Forces

Blunt decides to take 2 Troops of Gallopers at 4 pts each and a company of Dragoons at 4 pts, he also has the help of a hero at 1 pt.

Blunt can be placed with which ever unit you like. The Hero can be with any other unit than Blunts.

Parliament Forces

The Officer commanding the Parliamentary company which are Cromwell's bodyguard is Captain John Bastwick. Note Cromwell is not the officer of this company. He has retired for the night after his customary glass of sherry.

These forces are Forlorne Hope 6 pts (They are Cromwell’s bodyguard).

A small company of commanded shot 2 pts and a Troop of Trotters at 4 pts. Also there is an Agitator for 1pt.

Bastwick can be placed with any unit you wish and the Agitator with any other unit.

Of course you may like to make up your own forces!

Set Up.

The set up is as shown in the photograph below. The board is 4'x4' A road runs North to South 1' in from the eastern edge. A second road intersects the first running west to east 1' north of the southern edge. The Inn can be seen half way up the road. The church can be seen further up the road to the noth. Other terrain was randomly placed.

Playing the mission


At the start there are no forces on the table. The Parliament forces are billeted in and around Broadway. Blunts Royalists are making their way to Broadway along the road leading to the village from the west.

First move is the Royalists, Units enter when activated. As soon as the first Royalist unit enters the table it is deemed a piquet raises the alarm.

Parliament troops are placed on the table when activated. Forlorne Hope are placed to the rear of the Inn. The other forces adjacent to the Church. Units are only placed when activated. They can move the following turn. This is to show sleepy men scrabbleing out of quarters, saddleing horses, finding weapons etc.

Capturing/Killing Cromwell

Only the unit with Captain Blunt attached can capture Cromwell. To do that they must move into base contact with the Inn. The following turn (as long as his unit is not waivering) Blunt offers a challenge to Cromwell who always accepts. Any positive result for Blunt that does not result in Cromwells death means he is captured.

This represents Cromwell being woken, and duelling with Blunt in the inn.

If Blunt looses the Challenge Cromwell must immediately be moved to the nearest Parliamentary unit and becomes the Company officer.

The Royalists can still win if Cromwell's unit is destroyed and Cromwell is a casualty. Again any result other than death means Cromwell is captured.

Parliament wins if Blunts forces are defeated. If Blunt is at anytime killed Parliament win. If he is Captured Parliament wins and read captured as execution!

If Blunt is killed, captured or otherwise defeated before getting to the inn Royalists have lost. Only Blunt can get cromwell at the inn. 

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