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Hundred Years War Battle Report

Using DBA 3.0 with DBA Solitaries I fought a fictional late Hundred Years War battle.

I took The English and the solo system the French.

I fielded 8 elements of longbow, 3 of Blades (one of these the general) and a bombard.

The French included 4 Knight elements, 2 Crossbows, 1 element of hordes, a bombard and 4 blades again one being the general.

As these were 20mm figures based on 25mm bases I used a 48”x 48” table. Terrain consisted of 2 x plough. One piece to the English rear and right the other near the French centre. A March just to the right of centre with a meadow (rough) and a Wood.

English formed up with 3 longbows supported by an element of blades with their flanks resting on the meadow and marsh. 2 more bows formed up in the meadow. The Bombard was on the right flank. With the remaining longbows. The general stayed in reserve with the last longbow element.

The French massed their Knights opposite the gap in the rough and bad terrain formed by the marsh and meadow. They were supported by the crossbows and blades with the bombard facing the English bombard.

The Horde and the last crossbow element faced the woods.

The battle opened with the French crossbows and horde entering the woods, the Knights advanced towards the centre and the Blades moved forward with the Bombard.

Almost immediately an element of knights was cut down by the longbows, followed a short time later by another. Meanwhile the French crossbows on the woods edge exchanged shots with the longbows in the meadow.

On the other flank 2 elements of longbows fell, one to the bomard and the other to crossbows.

The French then impacted the English centre with knights riding down another element of longbows.

The crossbows on the French left were cut down by longbows at the same time another element of knights were killed. That brought the French tally of lost elements to four so losing the battle.

A fairly close run thing with the English losing 3 elements of longbow.

The pictures below show the final stage of the battle.

Click for Map
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