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Battle of Agincourt


Using To the Strongest! rules and scaled down forces I fought a  re-enactment of the battle of Agincourt..

The field of battle consisted of thick woods down each flank. The centre comprised of ploughed bad going. 

The English lines were protected by a line of stakes. 
The English drew up with Longbows to the front and men-at-arms (Laterknights/Billmen) behind. A deployment that was to cost me dear later on. Each flank in the woods had a small unit of billmen.

Centre Commanded by Henry V (Detached General on Foot)  The left Sir Thomas Erpingham (attached General on Foot) and the Right Lord Camoy (Attached General on Foot).

I drew the French up in two waves not the historical three. Mounted Later Knights, then dismounted later knights and Billmen behind. Also in front Genose Crossbowmen. Also a mob representing the French levy.

Constable of France (Detached Mounted General) Commanded the First Wave  with Duc d'Alecon (attached General Mounted)  and Duc Barr (attached general on Foot) Commanding the second.

The battle opened by the French firing their artillery which disordered the central company of longbows, then the Constable of France led his mounted Knights forward.

At the same time advancing the mounted Knights on the left and right. 

The second wave also moved forward.

Very soon the longbows started shooting very rapidly disordering mounted knights struggling through the plough and on the English left flank. The disordered Knights on the left flank were also harassed by the English Billmen in the woods.

Another round of Artillery fire removed a company of Longbows however the Genose Crossbowmen were totally ineffective and were very quickly disordered by the longbow shafts.

Just as the French attack seemed to be stalling d'Alecon's Dismounted Knights and Men at arms closed on the English line and clashed over and through the stakes the Longbowmen beyond. after a spirited resistance the longbows collapsed , however the Duke of York's Knights checked the Frenchmen. 

Meanwhile on the English right flank the Billmen emerged too early from the shelter of the forest and were destroyed by some mounted French Knights. 

The melee between the Duke of York and the Duc d'Alecon's dismounted Knights carried on until the English knights succumbed and the French broke through. This was the end for the English even though the English Longbows else where held the mounted french nobility at bay.

A very enjoyable battle. The Mistake the English made I believe was having the Longbows to the front. They would have been better employed behind shooting over the men at arms whilst they held the 
French across the stakes.

View towards the English lines from behind the French

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