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English Civil War Campaign

I have embarked on an English Civil War campaign using my adapted DBRRR and DBN ECW rules.

The campaign is by nature very simple.

I divided England into 5 sections North, East, Midlands, South and West.

The first battle takes place in the Midlands the losing army retreats to the next area. Parliaments line of retreat is East and North. Royalist South and West. The winner is the army that forces the other out of England. Or the side that cannot raise an effective army.

After a battle each sides eliminated units go into that sides recruitment pool. Before the next battle each side attempts to recruit from their pool. Each unit in the pool is diced for, the winning army recruits a unit on a throw of 3,4,5,6. The losing side recruits on a 4,5,6.

At the first battle all units are standard. Any unit surviving   a battle becomes veteran (artillery cannot become veteran) If a veteran unit is eliminated and returned to the pool it becomes standard again.

I have fought 3 battles so far. The first engagement Parliament won, pushing the Royalists into the South of England. Parliament and Royalist both recruited well. Parliament lost the second battle with heavy loses and retreated back to the Midlands. Royalist had an excellent recruitment drive bring their army up to full strength. Support for Parliament was dismal, the faced the Royalists with just 3 Infantry Brigades and 2 regiments of pistols. Against the odds they managed to defeat the Royalists in the third battle who once again pulled back South. Both sides recruited well. The fourth battle awaits.

A very simple ECW campaign but its full of era  flavour  and fun!

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