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A Threat to Henry Tudor!

After a painting break last night I fought a War of the Roses Game using DBA 3.0 rules.

Lambert Simnel then ten years old had proclaimed himself (with encouragement from so called friends and well wishers and his Father an organ maker called Richard Symonds) to be Richard Duke of York and therefore the rightful heir to the Throne of England. 

After forming an army Commanded by the Earl of Lincoln, mainly consisting of mercenaries, Swiss and German Pikemen commanded by Martin Schwarz with Irish Kerns and Galloglaich lead by Thomas Geraldine, he marched on London.

Henry Tudor mustered his forces and intercepting him battle was joined.

Lincoln advanced his Longbows, Pikes and Billmen towards the waiting Tudor men at arms and Billmen, reinforced by their longbows. The Irish mercenaries were held in reserve.

Henry sent his Currours out to his left flank, knowing now that the ploughed land that lay there was good going. His Longbow men stepped forward a short distance and exchanged arrows with the rebels. Henry's artillery fired with good effect, destroying a unit of German Pikes.

Lincoln then wheeled his Irish Mercenaries and moved to wards his right flank to protect against the Tudor cavalry. He also advance his pikes and men at arms in the centre. A unit of Tudor Longbows fell to the shafts of the rebel bowmen.

The following bound the lines clashed, again the artillery struck and the Swiss pikes were removed, followed by a unit of rebel bows cut down by billmen.

Henry's line buckled as a unit of men at arms and another of billmen collapsed before the rebel men at arms who advanced into the created gap.

The Irish Mercenaries checked the cavalry on their right flank. But then their left flank was turned losing another unit of bows so giving Henry Tudor his victory and security of tenure on his throne. 4 units to 3.

Henry Tudor had Richard Symonds imprisoned for life. Lambert Simnel was made a kitchen porter in the Royal Household, but later rose to become Henry Tudor's Falconer. The Earl of Lincoln, Thomas Geraldine and Martin Schwarz died in the battle.

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