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Refighting the English Civil War


I am currently refighting the English Civil War. The action does not take into account Scotland or Ireland.

Campaign rules devised by myself.

I used as the campaign map the board from the old Aerial "English Civil War" board game. I divided the areas up into Norht England, West Midlands, East Midlands, South England and the West Country.I mounted the board on the wall of my wargame room. Control of the areas is shown by that armies relevant counter being blue tac to the map. Counters come from the old board game.

In 1642 a battle is fought in each area, using Peter Pig's "Regiment of Foote 2" rules.

Who ever wins controls that area. A record of the winners loses are kept. The losing army is considered destroyed.

Once the areas are all controlled. two adjacent areas are randomly selected. The armies in each of the area attempt to recruit to replace loses from the original battle.

D6 rolled for each lost unit. 4,5,6 recruited. However before the die is rolled a chance/political card is drawn . This gives bonuses or problems with recruiting to one or both sides. (These chance/political cards are listed on a seperate page).


Time advances to 1643.

The battle is then fought, the winner controls the area belonging to the losing army which again is considered destroyed.

Once all areas have fought time advances to 1644.

The winner is whoever contols all areas, or the most areas should the war end before this occurs.

Currently I have fought all the 1642 battles. Parliament controls the West and East Midlands and the West Country. The King holds the North and South.

It is now 1643 and the Royalist North has attacked the West Midlands.

The attack on the West Midlands cost them dear. They lost their army and the North!

Another year passes and both sides recruited hard during the winter. 1644 will see the Royalists desperatly trying to gain more territory  If they lose the South, war, crown and most probably the kings head will be lost as well.


The campaign season opened with an early royalist success. From his Oxford base Charles launched an attack on the west country gaining a foot hold, he hope to use the Royalsit support in the west to bolster his forces. Unfortuantley before they could be mustered an Attack by Parliament from the West Midlands demolished the Kings forces.

By the end of 1644 it was all over. Royal family in self imposed exile and charles awaiting trial.





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