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For King and Parliament Rules

I have recentl purchased the digital version of these English Civil War rules created by Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall. 

The are available both in digital and hard copy form, both can be ordered together for a discount.

I have now played about four games and that has been enough to convince me that this is a set of rules I will be staying with.

The system not unlike "Regiment of Foote 2 " uses a grid systm to regulate movement, command distances and shooting. This does away with fiddly measurements and removes an doubt as to whether a move or range is accurate. Mr Miller states he believes the grid system can save up to an hour of game time. I tend to agree.

The army is made up of one or more brigades and each brigade should ideally have commander.

Activation of units is done by drawing playing cards, units can activate multiple times or not at all! This system is ideal for solo play.

Playing cards are also used to resolve shooting, melee, saving and rallying. No dice needed at all.

Victory is shown by the awarding of victory medals for destroying enemy units. Each unit having a victor medal value. Your lovingly painted models of Newcastles Whitecoats clear off after the first charge, you pay up and hand over medals. Simon sells some wonderful replica 17th century coins for this very purpose, although to date I have used 1p pieces. Somehow makes it worse when you hand over real beer tokens!

The two types of cavalry tactics used during the period (Dutch and Swedish) are very well modelled, I especially like the use of Dash chits. These are expended for charges etc and when used up the horse loose a great deal of potency. This is done to show horses getting blown.

Pursuit and routing are another very well done system.

There is alot to like in these rules and I have actually not yet found anything I dont like or disagree with. Highly recommended.

they can be ordered from simons shop at https://bigredbatshop.co.uk/collections/all

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