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Nursery Trials Statistics 2014
20 December 2014
20 December 2014

3 firsts  

P Turnbull and Floss

2 firsts

J B Murdoch and Ben,

P Exelby and Gwen,

J Goulder and Gem

A Hunt and Mac, A Mosey and Bree,W Young and Rap, E Gautier and Whitethorne Fern, A Jackson and Rob, F Swindells and Floss all have a first place.

The Aggregate to 6th at the moment is led by 

1  P Turnbull and Floss                      with    73

2  J Simpson and Ellan Vannin Glen    with    64

3  J Goulder and Gem                        with    59

4  W Young   and Rap                         with   50

5  P Exelby   and Gwen                       with   41

6th  E Gautier and Whitethorne Fern    with  34

7th  J B Murdoch                 and Ben    with   33

It is worth noting that if I have made mathematical errors I would like to have them pointed out !

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