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Spanglefish Gold Status Expired 25/06/2022.

Killiebrae Joss


16.5.03 to 16.5.19

peacefuly, at home.

He took me places I'd never got to before. He has given me youngsters who are doing the same, further again! Thank you, old boy.

With young friend Sweep and grandson Cookie

his 15th birthday!

His g.g.grandaughter Valmis Jasmi...those EYES! 6 weeks and 5 days!


Valmis Jasmi, Joss's Great grandaughter dob 9-1-17

Blue eyes! 5 weeks...

Valmis Jasmi, Joss's Great grandaughter, 3 and 3/4 weeks old!



Joss's grandaughter Valmis Jukka (Duke) has a litter by Chap...


Cookie at 5 months

toy box!

4 months!jazz/cw10

(Link to his daughter Comebye Jazz' page!)!the-boys/c15h2


Joss ( and his grandsons!) Valmis Lennox and Cassius

Still walks the walk at 11 years old!

Nurses the Quebec lambs along!

Jackie Cook's Comebye Bree

Joss with Bree and Jazz's brother, Frost, who has now a wonderful home on a family farm in Wales.

 Comebye Bree with Joss and Frost.

and her son Cookie, with his merle  sister, Bryn, aged five n a half weeks! I did not expect to be able to have this little guy, I probably have far too many dogs, but ... he has my name on him! Am so excited!

(Link to his Uncle Jimmy)

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