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Spanglefish Gold Status Expired 25/06/2022.

 Herding Beardies

Denwyn fred starts his Nursery  career at Ryedale Sheepdog Society' 2020 season




4.12.13  Mirk works the shute!




Assisted by her training buddy, Vik1, Vic2 and Lacy get well hooked on herding...

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Sept 2013

Right There Mirk!

And Yes! YES! YESSS! Through the *** cones!



April 2013



Talraz Supertramp


Mini-Beardie Day

The wet wet wet has been a deterrant to training but we still managed to whiz out between the showers!



Very handsome K C beardie Madge poses naturally on a day out!

Talraz Supertramp, Mirk, helps feed the moor sheep their hay...

Not a lot to do, as such, but he refrained from doing anything stupid to eliven things! 

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