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Hungarian Pumi
Hi,I have a Pumi who is very interested in sheep and jumped over our wall to get to our neighbours ewes and lambs. I didn'tseebut it looked like he successfully moved them all. I need some help in how to train him (we have sheep) and wondered if you can help me.

Posted by Judith Aston on 28 March 2021
Where are you living? I probably can't help directly but will see what I can do! Friend me on facebook?
Posted by Jackie Goulder on 02 April 2021
Hello Stranger :)
HELLO !!!!!
Lovely to see the old blue plastic pipe still doing the job !!I'm here in August if you need a translator for your French troops :) Lovely to see how successful you are. Totally deserve it. Do you still take on trainees ?? Do you sell any pups ? Got to find a replacement for Frost in the next couple of years as she's getting on a bit now and would like the pups before she & the Spaniel leave us (not soon I hope!).
Lovely to see your website...I'm gonna waste a lot of my morning browsing it instead of houseworking (who cares!)
See you sometime hopefully
Catherine x
Posted by Catherine Nicholson on 27 July 2012
Hallo indeed! Lovely to hear from you! Could well have a litter by the time you need one! Live in Pickering now as you see I expect from website! Will see you some time no doubt! All best to you .
Posted by Jacky on 27 July 2012
What a little star he is! A credit to you and his lovely parents....
Posted by Liz on 07 December 2011
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