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AHBA Trials/tests Results



Results June 14,15 and 16th AHAB

Trials at Glebe

Friday 14th June


J Goulder Tweedale Kep Q HTAD1

A Harper Whiterose Ava Q

F Cameron Starvon Valkryja Mist at Bowcol (Valhund) Q


S Plumb Tanzi        Q HTAD 2

M Harper Trend      Q


J Goulder Chap Q HTAD 3

L Morland Nell Q

J Goulder Valmis Jupiter Q

J Goulder Valmis Kismet Q


A Harper Whiterose Ava 1 leg HTD 1

L Morland Tara


Sat 15th June

K Birch Ch Downriver Free Spirit Cattledog 1 Leg HTAD 2


V Wong Quories Cloud Q HTAD 2

V Wong Quories Peri    Q

L Morland Tara            Q


J Goulder Tweedale Kep 1 leg HTD 1

V Wong Quories Cloud Q

V Wong Quories Peri Q

J Goulder Valmis Kismet Q HTD 3

Sun 16th June

V Wong Quories Cloud Q HRD 1

V Wong Quories Peri Q


S Plumb Tanzi 1 leg HRD 1

Fi Cameron Bowcol Dragon Dancer (Valhund)

K Birch Ch Downriver Free Spirit


J Goulder Valmis Kismet Q HRD 3

L Morland Duke             Q

J Goulder Valmis Jupiter Q

J Goulder Chap              Q

Our recently clipped mules proved challenging even to dogs with a good Stop on quieter sheep.




HCT/JHD 4.5.19

The test day was part of a long weekend for the Belgian boot camp, with W. Stevens and friends with 4 border collies, 2 Australian cattledogs and 1 Beauceron. Willy helped the all breeds folk come to terms with UK sheep - which do not react to tight work as do the Hassalt Dog School sheep! They were joined on friday by a few more border collies for a clinic with Shirley Cropper, which was very useful to all and very enjoyable to see. The tests on saturday were a challenge, with one or two defeated on one or other leg, but congratulations to the qualifiers, those with one leg ( an image !) and most of all those who had a go and retired gracefully at the appropiate time.



Nina     BC    Y Degroot     Q

Pepper Joe Aus,cattle dog, V Varrychegham leg1

Ravi beauceron   A Peeters  Q

Django Aus cattle dog L van Beuldermeuland Q


Teja  Swedish Valhund   Fi Cameron  Q

Jake Border collie D Renders   Q

Moss BoCollie H Finerty        leg1

Tsaubi Bc  A Dhuys               Q

Yip   W Stevens                   leg 1





HCT/JHD and HTAD 2018

15th/16th September 2018

Results from ABHA 15.9.18

HCT Leg 1 Judge L Morland
C Grosser Rave W Beardie
E Flint Sandytrail Magie Noire Pyrenean SD
L Grosser Raving Spirit Braelyn Gitdoon W beardie
S Beavers Dirty South's Prom Queen For Topeka Aussie
C Grosser Raving Spirit Braveheart Gitdoon W Beardie
K Edwards Nell Border collie

HCT Leg 2 Judge A de Jong

S Beavers and DSPQ of Topeka Aussie
K Edwards Nell Border collie
E Flint SM Felicitas Noire Pyrenean

J H D Leg 1 Judge L Morland and leg 2 A de Jong

V Wong Origine deux Jee Wiz Aussie
V Wong Topeka Justasilver Storm Aussie
L Grosser Gitdoon Slainidh W Beardie

HTAD leg 1 Judge L Morland and leg 2 A de Jong

S Plumb Tanzi                                 Border collie 70,     81
W Stevens Spy                               Border collie 74,     84.5
J Goulder Valmis Kismet (NFC)        Border collie 83.5,   83.5


HCT Leg1 A deJong 
V Wong Stockyard Calamity Jane Aussie
B Moore Ewecalyptus True Blue Aus Cattle dog

Leg 2
V Wong S C Jane Aussie

JHD Leg 1 A de Jong

H Finnerty Pip Border collie
A Harper Whiterose Ava Border collie
V Wong Meg Border collie
S Beavers D S P Q F Topeka Aussie

Leg 2 L Lynn Morland

A Harper Whiterose Ava Border collie
V Wong Meg Border collie

HTAD1 leg 1 A de Jong

F Cameron Bowkol Dragon Dancer            S Valhund   73
K Birch Ch Downriver Free Spirit         Aus cattle dog   76.5
V Wong Quories Peri                             Border collie    87

V Wong  Quories Cloud                          Border collie   82

M Harper Trend                                    Border collie    84
F Cameron Starvon Valkryja Mist at Bowkol S Valhund  73
L Morland Duke                       NFC         Border collie

HTAD1 leg 2 Judge L Morland

F Cameron Bowkol Dragon Dancer Swed. Valhund     70
V Wong Quories Peri                        Border Collie     83
M Harper Trend                               Border Collie     75

K Birch Ch Downriver Free Sprit A Cattle dog             68

V Wong  Quories Cloud                       Border collie    82


HTAD3 Leg 1

W Stevens Spy 74

HTAD3 Leg2

W Stevens Spy 78


HCD and JHD are tests, with pass or fail sections and are not competative. HTAD 1 is judged out of 90; NFC is a dog run  for qualification only, ie. a judge's or sponsor's dog...


HCT/JHD May 25.5.18

Inspite of the weather there was a terrific atmosphere and

we had nine entries, with 9 dogs passing their tests.



V Wong             Topeka Justasilver Storm           Australian Shep

A Harper           Whiterose Ava                           Border collie

V Wong            Origine Deux Jee Wiz                  Australian Shep



J Verity                  Nidderdale Fleck                  Border collie

D Wrigglesworth     Blue                                    Border collie

Fi Cameron            Starvon Valkryja Mist at Bowkol   Valhund

V Wong                Quories  Peri                         Border collie

Fi Cameron           Bowkol Dragon Dancer          Valhund

E Flint                  Rozimba Celeste               Pyrenean sheepdog




From the AHBA trials 23 and 24 - 9- 17 judges T Parrish, R Ray.

J Williamson Gus Herding Capability Test leg 1 Boxer

J Goulder Zandie HTAD 1 Kelpie
J Goulder Cookie HTD 1 Border collie
J Goulder Valmis Jupiter HTD 3 Border Collie
J Goulder Chap HTD 3 Border collie

D Wild Mac HCD Boxer

L McKinley Cosi HCD Australian Shepherd

V Wong Blanche HCT Australian Shepherd 
V Wong Cloud JHD Border collie

L Morland Roy HCT Border collie
L Morland Nell HTD 3 Border collie
L Morland Ted HTD3 Border collie

M Harper Trend JHD Border collie

Kylie Birch Finn JHD Australian Cattle dog

M Worcester Pink JHD Border collie

E Gautier Fern HTD3 leg 1 Border collie

S Plumb Tanzi JHD Border collie


To earn the 'title' from the AHBH dogs must have got enough points in two runs under two different judges. if just one run qualifies its recorded as Leg 1 and you can add the next at a different trial. So 16 out 17 earned at least one leg in their class. We also had three Pyrenean sheepdogs who did not enter trials but did a demo run and some instinct testing and impressed the judges. So 19 dogs with 12 handlers supported this new venture.

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