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Spanglefish Gold Status Expired 25/06/2022.


Cookie finished his trialing career with a dignified retirement at Ryedale Nursery Ch's

But his place is secure as a useful team member at work!

He can work far off

and he can work close!

1st place in the Nursery class (7 dogs) at Egton 2017. His marks would have placed him 3rd in the open class so not so dusty. It would be so mean to say how surprised I was...A pic like this he could be his grand dad...

Trying for the dog in a reflection pic like Joss's when he was young and training at 20lands.

Not as good...


practicing at Quebec

Getting to grips driving


Got round a course and penned at Akky's, Jan 2017

Working for Olga, Beardie boot camp, 8.5.15 8 months



7 months, are you looking?

Got round!

looking in !


On Levisham Moor, 6 months!

With Grandad



Toy box

A bit older, at Roxby trial

With Grandad aged 9 weeks

Comebye Bree, his mum.

Five and a half weeks

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