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Chap (ROM) 329795

HTD 111, HTAD 111, HRD111 (AHBA)

DOB. 11.6.11 By GR Harland's Shep 271409, out of E Barron's Skip, UR.  Two dogs of similar, impeccable temprement, natural abbility and endless wish to please...

Skip was bred on the Isle of Mull by Mr and Mrs McPherson, and came to work at an organic sheep, beef and pig farm near Malton, N Yorks. Her parents were Baledmund Sparky and Cap.

Selectively used at stud, he has some well reguarded, succesful progeny around, many thanks to the people who chose and handled them well!

( to veiw any of the videos, highligh link, right click and then left click on 'go to this link' choice!)




(A brief,sweet clip, accidentally filmed, of Chap at the door)


Trixi, mother to Chap's latest litter

Corona virus meant he was delivered. Baby Chip! May 2020


With grand children Whitethorne Willow and Wisp 17.11.19

(Starting W Willow and litter bro. W. Jed 4.4.20)



( Willow at 14 months... 24.10.20) 





For 2019... a nice 4th and best lady (!) Rose Bowl again...

Towards the end of last year, Chap had intermitant lameness issues, with no cause shown up by X rays or blood tests.

Happily some Mactimeny and some remarkable joint supplement tablets have seen him right back on form, entered once more for the English Nationals.


His first national Single...

The buzzer went JUST in time!


6th on 2nd day Nationals

(This is actualy at Ryedale show, same sort of sheep!)

Reserve in the team to go to Ireland!!!!!

Mean sheep!


Won Harden Moss, 2nd on the champs!

Chap with son Jupiter...22-9-17-

both qualified Herding Trial Dog 111 under our two juges from California, as did Lynn Morland, making it feasible for us to apply to become an AHBA judge.  the first in the UK.


Thank you boys... And ladies!!!



Learning to work as a pair...spring 2017


The family... mother (Cookie is her cousin) Valmis Jukka and 7 puppies.

The kiss

Chap Gives an Interview at Castle Howard!

(To view these clips, high light the link, left click and select the middle option with a right click)

and another one!

English Nationals Castle Howard 2016


Happy to finish!


For a shed




hitting the X-drive

Sorting for the Shed

Got it!

Got them!

Bell rang for time up as we poised for the single! But well chuffed!

 'Heard Bevis talking the other day, about the national. He gave you and Chappie a glowing report 👍'
Like · Reply · 3 · 42 mins

(Jackie Goulder) Oh! Thank you for that! Wow!

Lynn Morland to Jackie Goulder 'I was going to tell you at Egton but not sure be there have to pick my mother up from Newcastle airport at 4. He said they thought you were going to be in if single went well. Said had lovely run. I remember you walking a nursery course with him (Chap) the driving bit. Brian and me both said what a nice dog. Patience paying off now 😃'

(To see Chap walk the walk, highlight link above, left click, select 'go to') 



2nd at Malton Show; son Jupiter envious, got left at home that day!



To view videos, high light link, left click and right click option that says 'go to.... video'

But...NO POINTS LOST on outrun!

1.11.14 Chap holds a corner turning them into the house field at Baysdale

Earns a drink

and shows Jupe some moves on training sheep

Chap's son, Valmis Jupiter, 'Jude' back home aged 7 weeks and 6 days

Meet the kids (all but one in pic!) 1.9.14

Chap at Kilnsey


16.8.14 We heard them call our name to the English National post!

We got our sheep! he was brill...

To see vid, left click link, select second option


   26.8.19 Reeth 5th

30.6.19 Malton Show 4th

15.6.19 HRD3  (ahba)

14.6.19 HTAD3  (ahba)

8.18 Danby Show 4th

22.6.18 Harden Moss 1st, 2nd in the Finals

27.5.18  Nova Lane   2nd

19.5.18 Stokesly  2nd

23.9.17 HTD3 (ahba)

2.7.17 Malton Show 6th

24.10.16 Oswaldkirk 4th

20.8.16 N Reston 1st

3.7.16 Malton Show 2nd

24.10.15 Ryedale double Gather 2nd (No points)

25.7.15 Saltersgate Open 2nd

26.4.15 Clough Head 6th

25.7.15 Saltersgate Show 2nd

4.10.15 Ryedale Double gather (24 dogs) 2nd

3.7.16   Malton Show 2nd

20.8.16 North Reston Charity Trial 1st

24.9.16 Osbalkirk Show trial 3rd

26.8.14 Kilnsey Show Trial 3rd

Farndale Show Trial 1st (No points) 25.8.14

19.6.14 3rd Osmotherly Show

16.7.14 4th Ryedale Show (no points)

2.7.14 5th Osmotherly Show

12.1.14   At Bolton Percy Charity open put on by J Rangely, judged by J B Murdoch

Chap gained a first!

This was a qualifying score for Registration on Merit. This was granted by ISDS on the 26.2.14.

2.3.14  He gained another 1st, at Nova Lane Open, judge J Rangely.

With his 4th at Ryedale Show trial in 2013, he has 15 points, which may well be qualifying points for the English National.


Chap gathers from under a hill

Out of my sight, sends one lot up, and I thought he was behind them

but he has spotted two more and gone for them as well

you can only see him in this crop of previous pic...











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