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A privilege to enjoy..
17 January 2018

Taster training day for Askham Bryan students.

The glorious Minster; just over the fields a bit!


And Corrie bonded with Coox. Wants to adopt him. If Coox doesn't shape himself .... !

Word on the street..
05 January 2018

From Bangor, Maine...



Bangor Maine Police Department shared their post.

1 hr · 

My buddy sold cars. When I was on patrol, he always had good coffee and a clean bathroom at his dealership.

Do you ever wonder why cops go to certain places regularly? Sometimes it's not for doughnuts. Sometimes it's because the desk sergeant told them avoid coming back into the station without good reason. And sometimes the desk sergeant does not think the bathroom is a really good reason.

True story.

Back to my buddy; every time his phone would ring he would say things like, "Ahhh, another opportunity," or "It all starts with a phone call."

It's not typically like that when my phone rings. I don't think of it as an opportunity, probably because I have nothing to sell you.

Today was different.

Antone's call was forwarded from our dispatch center. He asked for "the guy that writes the Facebook page." Antone told me that he has put off this phone call for the last couple of weeks, but he said he did not want to put it off any longer.

Antone advised me that he read a post I wrote before Christmas which spoke of the things you don't need to tell the police when you see them. I remembered it, it was shared nationally and fairly extensively.

I was surprised by the success of the post it because I thought it was just a simple explanation of things you don't need to say.

My thoughts run about as deep as the renegade coffee that slips out of the top of your to go cup when you take it from the hand of the guy at the to-go window. It rides around the crevices of your plastic coffee cover like a dollop of mercury. A liquid-solid, until you take the sip you are craving. Suddenly, it's only a liquid.

Yes, it's the coffee that has been predestined to splash on your new paisley tie, maybe your favorite top. While it's shallow, it can wreck an excellent fashion decision.

Antone told me he was a black man from Connecticut. He said that he came to Maine to take a cooking job this past summer and he was concerned about what we would be like. He meant the cops.

He had heard derogatory things through media reports about how we felt about black men, not us specifically. He meant white cops, but he also knew he was traveling to one of the most predominantly "white states" in the United States. He wasn't talking about the snow- FYI.

Antone ran into Bangor Police Officers on different occasions and he said, "I remember eye-contact was made. I felt like I was protected and that I had no reason to feel different." Antone told me that every Bangor cop he ran into would ask him how his day was, or just say hello. It surprised him. He said he never felt like a suspect, he just felt like a man saying hello to a cop.

Antone went on to explain that when someone shared the Facebook post (embedded below) he laughed and then realized that the way it was written was exactly how he felt when he spent the summer in Bangor, Maine. He thanked me and he thanked our police officers.

Antone said, "that post reflected the mentality of cops doing the right thing." He shared that in his hometown there are several police officers who would only stare at him if he went out of his way to say hello. He also said there were some that were more friendly.

Antone said he would move back to Bangor if it were not for, "all that cold."

It's nice when people like Antone call for no other reason than to tell you that your police officers reflected exactly what you purport yourself to be.

I miss Antone and we never even met.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone,and be kind to one another. All we have is each other.

We will be here.

TC 01-05-2018

Baby Flamingo!..
28 December 2017

The keepers, bribed with assort sweet goodies, let me in to meet their handreared baby flamingo! They left me alone with the little soul! We had a selfie moment... Smile lower wattage outside than inside - inside it was a mile wide. Outside, not so much; just had a front tooth out...

Provisional judge for AHBA..
17 November 2017

Huge thank you to Terry and Reegan...

and all of you who brought dogs along

in support of the new venture into

AHBA, Sept. '17 

The first (provisional) AHBA judge

in the UK;

I hope one of more to come.


Rusty Jeffers
6:18 PM (14 hours ago)

to me 
This is to let you know you have been approved as a judge for the American Herding Breed Association. As indicated in the AHBA Judges Requirements, all approvals are provisional for the first two years or until the individual has judged at least twice, whichever comes last. Comments from the herding public will be considered in providing full approval. A provisional judge may take any assignment. Also, you will need to earn a second AHBA advanced title in that period.

Let me know if any changes are needed to the website listing below. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your support of the AHBA and its programs.

Rusty Jeffers
AHBA Secretary

Goulder, Jacqueline
The Globe Farm - Westgate Carr Rd
Pickering, Y018 8LX, England
licensed: November 2017
titles: HTDIIIs
date last titled: 2017

Cookie first!..
12 November 2017

Thanks to C Mellin for the happy snap!

My dogs are certified!!!..
01 November 2017

Certified...Especialy Zandie!

Bob has a quad!..
01 November 2017

One man, his dog and his quad.

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