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Annual Round Up

Me and the Borgstrom's Enda!

A Clinic, Hosted By rhe Aussie Team, Liz Hulley, Vicki Wong, Sue Beavers and Mandie Gibson, near York!

And look what's coming in July 2016!


2015 has been a happy year for all breeds herding, many interesting guests and new dogs for me to enjoy. Their owners have been good, thoughtful handlers with a great raport with their dogs, always a pleasure to meet. 

Congratulations to the handlers who have rented or bought fields, and bought or borrowed sheep to extend their own and their dogs' experience! The risk of life changing addiction to this hobby is VERY high. I always said so. It is what happened to me.


Some 'Happy Dances' from the USA !

Pip the Boxer herding in the US:
She is: HC CT HTCH Shera's Great Expectation "Pip" VCD1 BN RA HSAs HSBs HIBs HXAs HXBs HXAsM AX AXJ NF CGC CL1-R CL1-F JHD HTADge I HTADs III HTDs III RLFs II HRDs III Or just Pip is fine!
one or any of those pics you want it off FB is fine with me. Then there is Winifred:
and when she was first introduced, LOL!
you don't have to feel you have to use any of those, just sending them!
oh and this one is a nice eye one?
I looked at the site and it's so great to see the other breeds!!!
thought it might be nice to see the two generations of boxers working. I'm having fun with Fred now...had to take quite a long break from trying to move forward with her. So much prey drive. But she is four now and everything seems to have settled down! while I was working so to finish all that Pip could do while she was strong...the stress of working Winifred was something I decided to put off and do other things with her. That turned out to be a great investment in her herding omission! she needed to grow up. I think I've babied her and couldn't bring myself to correct as hard as I needed to. Now I can! I guess it was me who grew up!

Anyway...I'm looking forward to a herding life with Fred too. Pip was just very easy and even when younger, was fast, but gentle. Spoiled me! Winifred is rating her sheep now and even ducks. Fun!!!

How are you? Tell me about your training others?

There are several training places now attended by various other breeds in England. To progress we need them all...  


And from Canada, a country where all breeds herding training and competition is well recognised. 

Hi Jackie, Here is a selection of photos for you to choose from for the all breeds herding UK site. The young fawn boxer is "Tazra" (Papageno's Rock Me Amadeus). The older grey faced brindle boxer is "George". On May 18, 2013, George made breed history when he earned his Canadian Kennel Club herding championship and became the first boxer in the world to earn a herding championship. HCHA Jems Culture Club CGN CD RA HA HAsd SDA HX Am. HSAs RA RLFI-s HTDI-s HRDII-s VB VBX Cheers, Louise


Christina and Aramis, the dogs-home 'cross breed' who turned into what I SWEAR is the purest of good Welsh sheepdogs before our astonshed eyes! 

John's Fleck, a Joss daughter, a valued regular!


Sofie Heidi n Bob a September picnic!

Falling Foss 

Christian's  Maddie, a beardie bitch who tries SO hard.

Laura's Slaighngne, a working beardie, really talented.

Liz's Rommie, Mia, clear herding instinct, fascinating to see.


Di and Rolli, a boxer with eye and style.

Guiness the Bergomasco, a very large dog, under very good control, loved to work.

One of several Polish who attended the taster day, showed well.

Jenny's Brodie, a bitch who improves every visit.



May 6th to 10th we had the Belgian Beardie Boot Camp. I have met them all before during my visits to Belgium, but having them visit the Glebe was so nice, and we found different exersizes with our sheep to extend their experiences. It is hard in Belgium to find work with sheep, and really it is only working with sheep will inprove both dog and handler. 

They were good cooks!

A little black aussie, has made tremendous progress.

A lovely ACD, responded so wll to the new challanges of Shetland sheep!

A beardie called Noty! Well controlled.


a spy...Spy, from a well bred working beardie line

A young working beardie, Nomey

A border collie who was upset by sounds of shooting on her first attempt but made a vey good recovary!

A Lovely few days ... 


A lovely Lapphund, a very interesting breed, strong willed, but well managed by her owners.

Rolly the boxer

Calle and Beatt Borgstrom camped for a week of training, controlling sheep from a distance.

And I got to work with Ende

Heidi and Sophie


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