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Glebe Gazette


Let's hear it for the terrier!


Roger's New Year Joke 


Heading for the feeding station MOD


New chimney pot!

LOVELY  and warm


The neighbours at play!


Christmas sunrise

walk in the sun

wait there before we cross the road

gifts for the cockies, and


and Barclay

 Grenville watches dinner cooking


Cake and new sign for Xmas

Roger's Falkland Island flag wot I bought 

Busy at ours this am

pheasant at the window

Man mending the chimney

and Rog filloing his screen wash


and a puppy called Sweep...

First Flames

Making room for Santa


I found the last 2 pieces

under the table, after I had dismantled the jigsaw.


Our last open fire before Logburner!



the sun has got his hat on

and once I understand this gismo I'll

  know lots more than I do now...


He said he was being sensible


Water supply for new house, Westerdale


Not all was possible with the mini digger



A lot by hand!

A covering of snow at MOD


Chap having treatment for lame ness, so Cookie has gained a lot of experience teamed with Jupiter, just ahead of him, in a brace team



Rusty Jeffers

6:18 PM (14 hours ago)

to me

This is to let you know you have been approved as a judge for the American Herding Breed Association.  As indicated in the AHBA Judges Requirements, all approvals are provisional for the first two years or until the individual has judged at least twice, whichever comes last.  Comments from the herding public will be considered in providing full approval. A provisional judge may take any assignment.  Also, you will need to earn a second AHBA advanced title in that period.


Let me know if any changes are needed to the website listing below.  If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me. 


Thank you for your support of the AHBA and its programs.



Rusty Jeffers

AHBA Secretary

Goulder, Jacqueline
The Globe Farm - Westgate Carr Rd
Pickering, Y018 8LX, England
licensed: November 2017
titles: HTDIIIs
date last titled: 2017



Teesside is full of lorry drivers and motor cycle instructors who suffer from random sheep related radio messages interrupting their lorry driving and motor cycle instruction - 'Luke will you just pull over.... Luke please pul over on that grass Luke Jackie can you see those sheep below you pull over by the seives left at that round about Jim LEFT there's some behind you Kath LUKE ' Aaaagh


Pressie from Pauline...

That sky nearly drove me nuts...



Thank you for birthday pressie! feeling spoiled! Nice feeling! XXX


Because I lived there for a while


I O Wight from the Air

'List some of the books you have read on dog training' was one of the challanges on my application to become a AHBH judge...


So pleased! Zandie qualified JHD (Junior Herding Dog! she is only 7)

And two cones over there



Terry - from California...(she'll need considerably more clothes)

and Reegan... to give a fresh look at teaching  and trialling beginner handlers of all breeds of herding dogs!


Joking. Cats Rule.

Good day at Egton Show

Bob as the President!

The explosion in the brick factory

The heather is brill this year


Trouble at t'show...


Lunch at Cedar Barn! So nice!

Happy handler pleased with her dog Chap!

Got the shed!

Back from the Nationals

We had some rain

Meet Jed, Bob's new baby!


to sheep

Over there!

Elizabeth's Kate preparing for the Nurseries! Lift (Needs a little work)




499 pieces... 3-D. I may go blind.



We knew, when the top bananas all baled out after the referendum result. The teen age voters have revenged themselves on the oldies to get supported through their university years. Basically a win for terrorist groups and people with long knives. My 15 acre 'garden' is going to triple my poll tax, RPA will doubtless vanish and Europe's getting best laugh since the American election. And Ryedale's fracked.

 And that may read as teenagers being a terrorist group. I considered the offence this may cause, then left it as it reads. So kennel cough seems small beer at mo; got a bucket of antibiotic tablets all the dogs reject in any form of concealment so by the end of the course probably will be first customer of our new enriched super efficient NHS for re attaching my pill inserting hand.





Another Joke

To the woods

Jupe photobombing the scenary



Part of the team

Bluebells at Baysdale

Helping train the Plainsville sheep! On the mobile... keeping the heavy breather interested with the occasional whistle blast.

That Race

That Sign

On the way back

from gathering Jackos

above the steam railway line 

we saw the marbled blackbird. Better pic next time I see him...

Pulling the digger out at New House


Clough Head Sheepdog Trial from the

top of the field.

Valmis Jupiter makes it up there! I am at the bottom, in front of the white car away from the rest, the judge's car, begging him to flank so we get some steering. He REALLY wants to bring them straight down. I REALLY want him to swing them left along the side of the incline to hit his fetch gates. We did get them but time ran out...

(Thank you Thomas Longton for the pic taken on his phone; 'Dog has so much eye  I had time to take a picture')


Another lovely 2 days gathering at Baysdale

off the moor

and into the fields for lambing.

Bob in his Grandfather chair! The face of a man who has come home and found the garden hopping with non-commercial sheep... 


Merle Girls

Meet the great grand children.

Unruly. I blame the parents.

I gave the one underneath the last Werther's Origional

Red eye Jasmi stole a peanut

Wistful Pip


Hallo Grenville!



First trip to kitchen on their own feet ( except Fatboy and Jasmi, had to gather them up)


First Bone for Jasmi 5 weeks old



Brace boys!

puppies at 5 weeks!

Trial field was wet at Dog Keenal Lane!

Seven pups!

Flamingoland! Just over the fields. Can hear the punters screaming in the summer, big cats roaring in the evenings. My home for so long!

Valmis Jukka/ Chap puppies, all 7, eyes opening and practicing barks and growls!

They are half bro/sis to Valmis Jupiter.

Jupe gets a first!

And Cookie gets a fetch gate and a pen!

Thank you Jenny for the photos!

Some stubborn lost sheep!

My brother spoils me!

Delivery for the Goulders



The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch

Discover the artist who has shocked and fascinated us for centuries with this thrilling documentary on the great Dutch master. Find your local cinema and book now for this special limited release!

Book Now

First i found his name in those few pages at the back of the book they put in to hook you in to the nest book... then this just appeared on my face book page... weird or what!


Lizzie's big day...inspirational!

Rainbow's end in the field, time to get those

lambs away 

Zandie's emergancy op a success

and Roger has made a tool box for different sized tools...

BossRobin, you missed him!

A celebration of the team's survival of the 2016 English Nationals. Heart felt thanks were offered to Chairman, A Mosey from us, and from Alec and us to his family team, the Castle Howard team, and Sally Banks, who doesn't even like sheepdogs, for an enormous amount of work undertaken stress endured with eternal grace and good humour.

A magic evening, highlight J B Murdoch and J Rangely, as dinner monitors, serving the apple crumble.


How did they know me n Bob were coming?

Day out at Pateley Bridge Show

This is how to shed... demo by Brenda H and Earnie...

The tent was fun and well shelterd, very cosy

The Internationals have been and gone!

The sheep were so pretty

so was the scenery

but when one of the sheep wranglers opened up his van for a brew next door to us

there was some serious Generator Envy going on.


Plant Rescue...the banana plants in their new home thriving! 

Had a little gold crest on my finger!

and a video link to see the fly by!

(Highlight, left click, right click the view page option.)

Try the above link for trials dates...Highlight, left click, right click the view page option.

New car... its a man thing


Chap did good but no cigar!

VIPs at Castle Howard

Young bullfinch slowly recovering after bouncing off my freshly cleaned windows... sorry, little soul!



Three personal highlights from the Nationals

Sharing lunch among friends with my Pa

 Making friends with my sheep on the course!

And we SHED! and penned... out of time as we singled.


Here’s your clip on radio York.


and another one!



One more day of competition...then it's the clearing up!

One more sleep to go to Eng. Nats!

One man with a lawn mower and 350 sheep hard at work...


Some one else is doing ALL the work! I LOVE this!

Cookie had a go

As did Zandie the kelpie


Mending fences

A bit of a do

There were strawberries

and cake

A very happy birthday party!

I have pansies

Bob's baby Shep... 'Stand back, ole fellah, I got this'

At Kessingland

I think Roger has made a door

and an um guines pig agility course?

Back at Glebe, last of our sheep clipped and

some chain saw gardening going on

Browse to the Zoo

and to the parrots


Roger has made

a circle making thingy


on the road sir

Zandie at the Herding day at Vikki Wong's...sheep cheeky.

Cookie also had a go...

And Jupiter did a good clean shed!

Lesson Learnt. Do Not Take the Lead off too early!After three days lurking in the wheatfield opposite, Kate is safe home!


Chap had a perfect half mile outrun on the Deerplay second day but failed to take vital stop and steering commands and brought them at high speed over bog gulley and rush to my feet instead of across the hill to the drop off point for his second outrun, so I retired. I was not alone, plenty more did the same, so I know what to practice for next year! The winning runs showed how to do it!



Young Shep


dear old Zetor


New Tractor

(high light link, left click, select view this link)


Getting very excited! off to see the Cherry blossom!

Love it that they've come to England to see cherry blossom

which really is pretty cool




Met this little soul and his nest mate on the road to Goathland; a snipe chick... what are the chances of seeing one this new ?




Roger's joints Explained








Finally a bit of sun!

so, WHY are you lame, lamb?

Start of the bluebell wood... work in progress 

The lambers come home

Just in time...First new lambs!

first new potatoes!

Roger has finished his box!

After playing penning with Zandie

we saw a little owl in the tree

and notice how green the hedgrows have grown in the few days Willy has visited!


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