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Belgian Boot Camp Sept 2021!

There is an AHBA themed plan for 2022. 



In three years there have been 6 sanctioned American Herding Breeds Association trials here, so the time has come for me to step back  and see if any one else is able and willing to put the next on. I still believe this format has a something to offer, but there is much to do by  future sponsors, trainers and handlers before it will gain ground in the UK.

To those of you have supported and enjoyed the all breeds programe here over the years, thank you.

To those others ... goodbye!

There are more than gates and fences to be rebuilt here.

That'll do, Jac...  October 2019.

In between trying to turn out. This picture just sums up our feelings... !


The thing to remember is that these tests and 'trials' were intended to build skills and confidence in the inexperienced handlers and dogs, or young dogs with experienced handlers. The aim of the sponsor and this group was to provide the chance to learn sheep sense and how to face assorted obstacles in a structured way, in the hope that it will help those with work to do, those who wish to try their hand at ISDS trials and those with no sheep but want to learn. We can provide sheep that know and work well with dogs, but not 'velcro' sheep that stick like glue to your legs whatever your dog does.

Later on (19 to 22nd of July) I was privilaged to go to the JJ Ranch in Holland as a judge, with Lynn Leach. 

I learned so much about the running of an AHBA trial from this.

Anneke has been dedicated to supplying the training, supplying the habituated stock, funding the event professionally and training helpers so she can delegate safely for 15 years. She is supported by a large number of clients, and gives them all the help they need every week.She treats judges really well, with comfy relaxing B n B's. and spare time to sight see. Thank you! Thank you Lynn L for keeping me right especially on the cattle classes! You were ALL brilliant.


Sponsor’s report recent AHBA Trials,

N Yorks. UK, July 2019

‘Thank you to all attending the June American Herding Breeds Association trials at The Glebe. Every handler who attended gained a title in at least one class, so congratulations. Your title cards will soon be on their way. This is the sixth event of its kind held in the UK and we owe a GREAT DEAL to our outside judges who have travelled to set us up and support the complex program of tests and trials. I personally owe a huge thank you to Eion Flint who tackles the enormous amount paper work with 110% effort, and to Lynn Morland for being a fellow judge. Suzanne has helped turn out assisted by at times Willy, myself, Katie and, on the last occasion, Bob! With this last weekend we put on the last and most complex trial, the Herding Ranch Dog, thanks to Anneke and Roy for help and advice. There are always issues with sheep and the difficulties of preparing dogs for working away from home on sheep not accustomed to ‘other’ breed sheepdogs, represented by an Australian cattle dog and two Valhunds among the Border collies. Handlers had a lot of adjustments to make, so my thanks for your courage and some grace in adversity. This last trial, particularly, highlighted the need for more handler and judge education about the sheep they are likely to encounter in the UK, should there be another trial of this sort laid on. For AHBA to succeed over here, we need to concentrate on providing more training on a regular, professional basis for people with the time, and the will, to prepare their dogs properly. I find myself with less and less free time to meet these needs.
Our own farming practice has altered over the years to more commercial sheep, experienced and ‘well dogged’ but unforgiving of straight outruns and the absence of stops. With these assets in your dog, our sheep were manageable, but lack of experience in dealing with such, both in a small area or the larger course, caused some problems. In three years there have been 6 sanctioned trials here, so the time has come for me to step back a little and see if any one else is able and willing to put something on. I still believe this format has a great deal to offer, but there is much to do by sponsors, trainers and handlers before it will gain ground in the UK. ‘

10 month old Kep completed his first Leg HTD.

( Please don't mention Leg 2)



Results June 14,15 and 16th AHAB

Trials at Glebe


Friday 14th June

J Goulder   Tweedale Kep      Q  HTAD 1

A Harper    Whiterose Ava     Q

F Cameron  Tilly (Valhund)    Q   (Full name to follow)


S Plumb      Tanzi                  Q   HTAD 2

M Harper      Trend                Q 


J Goulder      Chap                 Q HTAD3

L Morland      Nell                  Q

J Goulder  Valmis Jupiter        Q

J Goulder Valmis  Kismet        Q 


A Harper    Whiterose Ava    1 leg HTD

L Morland                 Tara     1 leg


Sat 15th June

K Birch  Spree  Cattledog   1 Leg HTAD 2

V Wong Quories Cloud      Q

V Wong Quories Peri         Q


L Morland  Tara                Q   HTAD 2


J Goulder  Tweedale Kep   1 leg  HTD 1

V Wong  Quories Cloud        Q

V Wong   Quories Peri          Q


J Goulder Valmis Kismet      Q    HTD 3


Sun 16th June

V Wong  Quories Cloud        Q    HRD 1

K Birch   Spree                    1 leg

Fi Cameron  Frekki               1 leg

V Wong       Quories Peri       Q


J Goulder   Vamis Kismet       Q  HRD 3

L Morland    Duke                  Q

J Goulder  Vamis Jupiter         Q

J Goulder   Chap                    Q



Our recently clipped mules proved challanging even to dogs with a good Stop on quieter sheep.

Lack of reliable Stops, 'Square' flanks and 'good stock sense' proved the undoing of more than one... Spree recovered the situation on this run and qualified one leg HTAD.



Running 14,15 and 16th June

Judges Roy Sage and Anneke de Jong

Proposed schedule... Fri Herding Trial Arena dog, levels 1,11, and 111. We have sheep for 20 runs, ie Legs. Leg 1 a.m, leg 11 pm = 10 runs am and repeat Pm. Any one interested please PM Eion Flint indicating which level you would attempt.

 Sat Herding Trial Dog levels 1,11, and 111. We have sheep for 20 runs, ie Legs. Leg 1 a.m, leg 11 p.m = 10 runs am and repeat Pm. Any one interested please PM me indicating which level you would attempt.

 Sun 16.5.19 Herding Ranch Dog levels 1,11, and 111. We have sheep for 20 runs, ie Legs. Leg 1 a.m, leg 11 pm = 10 runs am and repeat Pm. Any one interested please PM me indicating which level you would attempt.

 I am sorry to have to do this but the price has risen to £40 per dog.

 Our judges are from the Continent and from the USA... Anneke de Yong and Roy Sage!


The Courses

Fri 14th  HTAD 1.11. and 111.

The Course.

HTD 15th June

HRD 1 16th June




These course designs may be altered  in lay out when Roy Sage and anneke check them over but will contain the same or similar elements.



HCT/JHD 4.5.19



The test day was part of a long weekend for the Belgian boot camp, with W. Stevens and friends with 4 border collies, 2 Australian cattledogs and 1 Beauceron. Willy helped the all breeds folk come to terms with UK sheep - which do not react to tight work as do the Hassalt Dog School sheep! They were joined on friday by a few more border collies for a clinic with Shirley Cropper, which was very useful to all and very enjoyable to see. The tests on saturday were a challange, with one or two defeated on one or other leg, but congratulations to the qualifiers, those with one leg ( an image !) and most of all those who had a go and retired gracefully at the appropiate time.




HCT/JHD and HTAD 2018

15th/16th September 2018

Results from ABHA 15.9.18

HCT Leg 1 Judge L Morland
C Grosser Rave W Beardie
E Flint Sandytrail Magie Noire Pyrenean SD
L Grosser Raving Spirit Braelyn Gitdoon W beardie
S Beavers Dirty South's Prom Queen For Topeka Aussie
C Grosser Raving Spirit Braveheart Gitdoon W Beardie
K Edwards Nell Border collie

HCT Leg 2 Judge A de Jong

S Beavers and DSPQ of Topeka Aussie
K Edwards Nell Border collie
E Flint SM Felicitas Noire Pyrenean

J H D Leg 1 Judge L Morland and leg 2 A de Jong

V Wong Origine deux Jee Wiz Aussie
V Wong Topeka Justasilver Storm Aussie
L Grosser Gitdoon Slainidh W Beardie

HTAD leg 1 Judge L Morland and leg 2 A de Jong

S Plumb Tanzi                                 Border collie 70,     81
W Stevens Spy                               Border collie 74,     84.5
J Goulder Valmis Kismet (NFC)        Border collie 83.5,   83.5


HCT Leg1 A deJong 
V Wong Stockyard Calamity Jane Aussie
B Moore Ewecalyptus True Blue Aus Cattle dog

Leg 2
V Wong S C Jane Aussie

JHD Leg 1 A de Jong

H Finnerty Pip Border collie
A Harper Whiterose Ava Border collie
V Wong Meg Border collie
S Beavers D S P Q F Topeka Aussie

Leg 2 L Lynn Morland

A Harper Whiterose Ava Border collie
V Wong Meg Border collie

HTAD1 leg 1 A de Jong

F Cameron Bowkol Dragon Dancer            S Valhund   73
K Birch Ch Downriver Free Spirit         Aus cattle dog   76.5
V Wong Quories Peri                             Border collie    87

V Wong  Quories Cloud                          Border collie   82

M Harper Trend                                    Border collie    84
F Cameron Starvon Valkryja Mist at Bowkol S Valhund  73
L Morland Duke                       NFC         Border collie

HTAD1 leg 2 Judge L Morland

F Cameron Bowkol Dragon Dancer Swed. Valhund     70
V Wong Quories Peri                        Border Collie     83
M Harper Trend                               Border Collie     75

K Birch Ch Downriver Free Sprit A Cattle dog             68

V Wong  Quories Cloud                       Border collie    82


HTAD3 Leg 1

W Stevens Spy 74

HTAD3 Leg2

W Stevens Spy 78


HCD and JHD are tests, with pass or fail sections and are not competative. HTAD 1 is judged out of 90; NFC is a dog run  for qualification only, ie. a judge's or sponsor's dog...




Time to give us your details for entry.


we need

We need you to indicate which day or days you want to work

Breed, AHBA Number, Registed name, birthdate, sex, breeder; owner's name, address, phone/ email, name of handler if different to owner. Make sure email address is clear...

Thankyou! Please MESSAGE to Jackie  the completed info!





 It all went very well!


to the Trial Secretary Eion Flint who kept the show on the road, Lynn Morland, judging, whose suport and confidence have been invaluable 

and our Turning-Out team Suzanne, Tanzi

 Katy and Nell, kept the sheep coming and going!

Inspite of the weather there was a terrific atmosphere and

we had nine entries, with 9 dogs passing their tests.



V Wong             Topeka Justasilver Storm           Australian Shep

A Harper           Whiterose Ava                           Border collie

V Wong            Origine Deux Jee Wiz                  Australian Shep



J Verity                  Nidderdale Fleck                  Border collie

D Wrigglesworth     Blue                                    Border collie

Fi Cameron            Starvon Valkryja Mist at Bowkol   Valhund

V Wong                Quories  Peri                         Border collie

Fi Cameron           Bowkol Dragon Dancer          Valhund

E Flint                  Rozimba Celeste               Pyrenean sheepdog


High light, left click, select 'go to AHBA etc ' option  

Then select


Events All Forms - in Word Format (current for 2017) - includes Sanction Form, Trial/Test Report Form, Trial and Test Recording Forms, scoresheets.

Events All Forms - in pdf format

If you want to fill the form in on line select 'word' option

If your dog does not already have a tracking number, use the KC or ISDS registration number. If it has neither, their is a form to apply foe one which AHBA will allocate.

I need


Register/tracking nos

Registered name

Birth date




Owners address

Phone nos


name of handler if not the owner

Sponsor is J Goulder

Location is The Glebe farm


Please e mail me these details as soon as possible!

my e mail is





Required Information for entry

Course plan map


HCT Leg 1 under judge A

Test is primarily educational, tester must be flexible and supportive,  the chance to show off your the first step towards a fully trained working sheepdog.


The dog must have previous training to stop and recall with distractions.

The tester may handle,  help the handler  or watch the handler working the dog but must stay close to avoid creating a double focus for sheep and dog. A light stick safe from points or sharp edges may be used  with placcy bag or bottle on end to guide dog and sheep.

The owner/ handler bring dog in on a lead.

First exercise… dog walked round edges of pen encouraging stock to stay in the middle of the area. Before dropping/removing the lead the dog should demonstrate a stop ( in any position) and a recall. The line should not be used to enforce any of these behaviours. To guide the dog in tricky moves  -  sheep stuck on fence -   it may be guided by the collar into a better position

The test can be passed towing the line, but not held.

Once dog is free the handler and tester must move around allowing the dog to show it’s style of work, eliciting circling and controlling movements from the dog.  Time given once the dog begins to show working moves to completion of the test will be three to five minutes, not more than ten mins. overall.

HCT 2nd Leg under judge B

The dog is to be handled by owner or designated handler.

Tester to be just inside/just outside to assist if necessary

Dog is brought in on lead positioned in a stay by handler, lead to be removed.

The handler may change position in relation to stock or send dog from his side after a brief pause.

The pair should then be seen to move around the area controlling  the sheep in various manoeuvres, simple straight lines plus changes of direction. At some point probably at the end of the test the dog should show a stop in any position and a recall from the stop.

This a score sheet so you can see what and how the tests are judged! 



JHD Legs 1 and 2, under two different judges


The stock to be at the top end of the paddock.

The handler may carry a crook or light stock stick

The dog brought in on a lead no closer than15 foot from the sheep.

Off lead, maintain Stop in any position before asked either to gather or drive the stock.

Handler should base the decision on the reactions of the stock relative to the course. The centre hurdles can be taken either before or after the two corner panels, which can be taken from either direction.

You need to take all 3 obstacles to pass.

Test is complete once the  gate out of the area is closed behind the sheep; 10 mins is allocated but dogs roughing up stock or showing lack of progress will be asked off in 5 mins.



All the exercises must receive Good or Fair for a pass. 






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