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This is...

a group for owners of all herding breed dogs including border collies with imexperienced handlers. We explore the feasibility and practicality of helping the (very often without their own sheep) people test their dog for the instinct to work sheep, and training on from there towards owning a useful dog. It is easier on the Continent, USA, and Canada where dog schools for sheep-less owners and societies with trials geared to the various skill levels are more common. Some seem to be merely a simple training exersise on sheep that know exactly where to go; some, due to a cultural and managment bias of large numbers in wilderness conditons, seem to require a higher level of aggression towards stock as standard than is acceptable in UK, and some are more akin to our own style of sheepdog trials.

All provide the opportunity to learn...

If we take a look at the many breeds that feature on this page to see what is happening abroad, perhaps enough of you guests will gain enough experience with your own dogs to develop similar opportunities here in the UK, where docile sheep are NOT 'the norm', so what ever your breed of dog the emphasis has got to be on the HANDLER learning safe, considerate and effective handling of their stock.

The mission is to surport good handling of sheep for all with the breed of their choice.


Spotty Bob

Liz with Supadog

Gasti the Pyrenean

Hugh and Bess

Di and Cilla

Stephanie with Spot, France

Fi and Loki

Tia from France


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