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05 December 2018
Goodness, how they've grown!

I never cease to be amazed at the rapidity of puppy development but 'Bea's Babes' seem to be especially forward at just six months.

 Wendy Fielden writes that Teddy (below) has completely outgrown her lap and takes a keen interest in everything around him. He and Wendy's horse have become great friends and Teddy enjoys supervising the stable work as well as keeping an eye on the sheep...........

Kerensa Mckie's 'Harper' (Brambledale Bounce, above) is having great fun learning the basics of agility. She certainly looks to be a keen and nimble girl....


My own two, Bliss (above) and Brady (below, with Bliss) tower over their  mum and are actually much bigger than they appear in these photos, which were taken six weeks ago. If it ever stops raining, I will replace them with new ones.

The fifth member of the litter is Fergus, who featured in our previous news item (below) at just four months old. Maura tells me that his training is progressing very well. On a recent training exercise she thought that  he was mistaken about the direction of the scent trail and was very impressed to find that he was right and she was wrong!

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