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The Two-Tens
 The continuing story........
Spring 2011
 Glen's first puppies are now a year old and making excellent progress. All of them have featured on our News Page during the past year and I am most grateful to their new owners for keeping me supplied with photographs, videos and progress reports.
Here are the four who stayed at home, in some new pictures, taken to mark their first birthday.
  Above and Right:
 Brambledale Brab, born 14.4.2010

 by Briery Glen x B Breeze

Pictured at 12 months



Brambledale Biddy

litter sister to Brab                                     at 12 months.                






Above: Brambledale Brown Mouse

Born 23.4.2010             Pictured at 12 months.

by Briery Glen x B Blodyn

Below: Brambledale Blossom,    litter sister to Mouse.

Below: Mouse with one of the pups from Mottie's litter by Glen, born January 2011.........

.........and Blossom nursing one of Hanner's babies, born May 2011

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