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Beatrice and Football- A few fun moments you might enjoy....



Brambledale Bearded Collies
Golden Jubilee 2012.

Welcome to our VIDEOS page. Two years after our first film in 2010 this short film shows something of the development of the puppies seen in that film and takes a look back over the past 50 years of the Brambledale Bearded Collies.


This  30minute film was made for me by Eleanor Flaherty and filmed on three days, spread over a four-week period  in May and early June 2010. I hope that it will illustrate the principles outlined in my articles  'Temperament' and 'Learning' , both available on site.                          


29 March 2012   Puppies born 9.2.2012  by Glen x Mottie

So many of our faithful followers have asked why there have been no new puppy pictures for a couple of weeks that I am posting these little video clips of them, taken just before they were seven weeks old. .....


.........and when,  after all that activity, I put the pups in their overnight pen for a rest, the fun started all over again and I couldn't resist catching a few minutes  in this last clip....



July 22nd 2011

 I have made some tiny video clips of our puppies and adult Beardies interacting, which you may find interesting.

The first clips show last year's babies- Blossom, Mouse, Biddy and Rab - playing with their young relatives born to Hanner and Glen in May this year. 

This one features Mouse entertaining the little ones.......


........and the next follows straight on from the first, as the focus switches from Mouse to her sister, Blossom......



 And here's one, taken in June 2010, of Breeze and Blodyn accompanying their two litters of pups on a family walk at Maes yr Haul, assisted by Glen, father of both litters.

The quality is awful but the interaction and learning is interesting.

 http:// vimeo.com/26779293


Carolin Kupper has also sent this link to a delightful video of Cuddles (litter sister to Blodyn and Hanner) and Cap (daughter of Glen and Mottie) enjoying a romp near their  home in Freiburg, Germany  








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