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Genetic Testing

For background information on research into genetic diversity in Beardies, go to our 'Links' page.


DLA of Brambledale Beardies
1)      Brambledale Breeze        3:5 (Elan Jim xB Brianna)
2)      B Brianella                          6:5     ditto
3)      B Blue Merle                       6:6    ditto
4)      B Blue Motley                      6:6     ditto
5)      B Breezanna                       5:1    (Lester x B Breeze)
6)      B Blodyn                              6:3       ditto
7)      B Blossom                         6:8     (Briery Glen x B Blodyn)
8)      B Brown Mouse                  3:8      ditto
9)      B Brab                                 9:3      (Briery Glen x B Breeze)
10)   B Biddy                                3:9       ditto
11)   B Briony                             3:10    (Butler’s Don x B Brighde)
12)   B Brighdon                          3:10       ditto
13)   Briery Glen                           8:9       (LeBruns Jack x Briery Nan)
Plus : B Brimstone   1:3 (Moonhill Knight of the Stars x B Brighde) (Brimstone is the only KC Breed Register dog on the list; and  is from our last KC litter, born in 1998. She is Addisonian.)
Related dogs whose DLA is indicated by the test results of their sibs/parents/offspring etc:
1)      1)  B Black Bob (Wolfie)            3:6 (Elan Jim x B Brianna)
2)         2) Lester                        6:1 ( Angus x Abbey) (Mostly Sallen pedigree.)
3)      3)Elan Jim                             6:3/5  ( Moss x Woodland Tilly)
4)      4)B Brianna                              6:3/5  ( Butler’s Don x B Brighde)
( From their offspring, it is clear that Jim and Brianna must be 6:3 and 6:5, but it is not possible to say which is which.)                                                                      
1)Three of the haplotypes found in my dogs,– numbers 8,9 and 10 - have not been found in the KC Beardies. Conversely, haplotypes 2,4 and 7, found in the KC Beardies, have not occurred in mine. Of our ‘new’ haplotypes, Briery Glen’s 8+9 are, of course, being passed on to his progeny, but haplotype 10 has been found only in litter mates B Briony (my Nancy) and B Brighdon (Denise Bateman’s Dylan), neither of whom has progeny. The only member of the Don x Brighde litter with progeny is B Brianna (my Nan), mother of two litters by Elan Jim, but as she did not have haplotype 10, it may be lost to future generations.
2)The Finnish research project tested 139 KC- reg Beardies, including a number imported from Britain. The entire Finnish population is, of course, of British origin, so should be reasonably comparable to the UK (KC Breed Register) Beardie population. Seven haplotypes were found, although haplotype 7 occurred in only one dog.                                                                       
3) My own research has involved testing fourteen of my own dogs, of which thirteen have at least one Working Beardie parent. This group of thirteen also has seven haplotypes, (1,3,5,6,8,9,10)  of which 8,9 +10 are unknown in the tested registered population.  
4) Since my thirteen working-bred dogs have seven haplotypes and the 140* registered dogs also have seven haplotypes, the haplotype-to-dog ratio of my group is more than ten times greater than that of the registered group. In fact, the difference is now (March 2011) even greater than this as more KC reg Beardies have been tested in Finland since the initial sample of 139 tested in April 2010 and the number of registered Beardies whose haplotypes are known has been further increased by the addition of those whose make-up has been indicated by the results of their tested progeny. But the increase in numbers has not brought any increase in the number of haplotypes in the registered population.  
* (as Brimstone is KC reg, I have added her to the Finnish list) 
Lynne Sharpe   29.3.2011


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