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Hi Lynne,
Love the website, it's so informative - and entertaining!
Thanks for the tip about Wormcount, I hadn't heard about them before, but have used them now and will from now on. Much better than randomly dosing without knowing.
I would still love to visit you to meet you and your Beardies.

Many thanks,

Sue :)
Posted by Suzanne Drew on 11 September 2017
Thank you Sue, I am so glad that you are enjoying the website
Best wishes,
Posted by Lynne Sharpe on 12 September 2017
Dear Lynne,
now and again I visit your HP and allways it is a great joy, to meat all your Beardies again! We finally moved into our own house! A big lovely garden for our dogs, cats and rabbits... and may be another Beardie, we do miss her so!
How do you do with the book about these beautiful old stories?
We hope to visit Wales and you very soon again!
Love Bettina and Sven
Posted by Bettina and Sven Nevermann on 27 April 2017
How lovely to hear from you again and to know that you -and your animal family - are so happy in your new home.
Best wishes,
Posted by Lynne Sharpe on 12 September 2017
Our Dear Brambledale Bella
Dear Lynne,

I hope you may remember me from a few years ago, we where so very lucky and honoured to gain our beautiful BeBe ( brambledale Bella ) from you - we miss her to this day so very much.

I wanted to share a beautiful moment I experienced this weekend, I was strolling through Chichester, West Sussex, and spotted the most beautiful Beardie, from the moment I set eyes on him I knew he was one of yours, my opening conversation much to the owners dismay was "is that one of Lynne Sharpe's beardies!?" And sure enough he was, known as Bertie he is a handsome 5 year old ( originally from Cornwall I believe) He had the most adorable character just like our dear BeBe had, you breed them exceptionally well!

We are lucky to be enjoying Bella ( Margaret Buckley's Holtend litter ) currently - she is 5 this year and constantly telling mummy she would like a brother or sister!! Who knows maybe one day, if I can bring myself to share the love I have for her!

I so enjoy your website, and the golden jubilee video was fabulous.

All the best,

Janet and Keith Kirkham
Posted by Janet Kirkham on 30 January 2017
Dear Janet and Keith,
How lovely to hear from you! I remember that your BeBe was one of Banner's daughters, born in 1996. Banner was a lovely girl and I still miss her, although `she died ten years ago, not far short of her 16th birthday.
I am very interested to hear that you had met Bertie. He was born in May 2011 and went to live with a lovely lady in Cornwall who was, sadly, suffering from cancer. Of course, I was very concerned that if her condition deteriorated she might not be able to give Bertie the care she needed - but her daughter, who lived in Bristol, came to see me and assured me that if the worst happened, she would take care of Bertie. From what you tell me, it seems as though the worst did happen, which is very sad. I did keep in touch with Barbara and we telephoned one another from time to time but I am afraid I hadn't realised that it is some time since I had heard from her.
If you can tell me any more I would be very glad.
Best wishes,
Posted by Lynne Sharpe on 31 January 2017
Great read!
Thank you for such an informative and thorough insight into the Bearded Collie.

I have had working dogs for thirty plus years and fully agree with your whole tenet of life with working dogs.

I can only hope that many people digest whats on these pages!

Once again thanks!

Posted by Stephen on 13 January 2017
Many thanks for your support, Stephen! I am so glad that you are enjoying the website.
Best wishes,
Posted by Lynne Sharpe on 15 January 2017
An inspirational read!
I've just spent an enjoyable and informative evening reading about your journey so far including your beginnings, your motivation,your ethos and your passion for this lovely breed.

You've really made me stop and think about so many important aspects of sharing our lives with dogs and your intuitive alignment with your Beardies is inspirational.

Anyone who truly loves dogs must applaud your decision to challenge the limitations imposed by the Kennel Club, which seemingly prioritises tick-box documentation over genetic diversity and soundness.

Thanks for sharing your stories.

Posted by Kim on 19 December 2016
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