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Action Puppies

          It is not only the adult Brambledales who enjoy a free and active life, without kennels, cages or even leads   -   our puppies are also free to explore their world from their earliest days. The pictures on this page show Breeze's litter, born 28.1.2008. Before they were six weeks old they had all learned ( without being taught) to climb the stairs.......and get down again!.......let themselves in and out of the house via the dog-flap (no puddles in the house!).........retrieve a ball..........go through the agility tunnel......follow the rest of us out into the fields.......and plenty more.     

       None of these pictures were posed , nor were puppies coaxed to do anything.... ...I simply recorded what they did.   Left to themselves and neither encouraged nor prevented from being adventurous, they show a remarkably calm concentration in demanding situations  ......as I think can be seen in the pictures.     

      Given their inherently sensible, calm and intelligent temperament, I find that our puppies , although bold, inquisitive and full of fun, have a strong sense of self-preservation and come to no harm from their adventures. On the contrary, their upbringing plays a vital role in the development of healthy bodies and confident, intelligent characters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        




Update 2012

For more recent 'Action Puppies' see our videos page.


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