Stephanie Favre's Brambledale Bright Spot, litter brother to Bess ( previous item), is also making good progress as a sheepdog.......watch him at




Hugh and Jacqui Emerson's Brambledale Bessie Black made a very promising start to her herding career yesterday. Ably handled by Hugh, Bess worked with an impressive combination of calm and concentration, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Born 14.4.2010, Bess is a daughter of Brambledale Breeze and Briery Glen.



One of the many problems caused by the Big Freeze was the difficulty of keeping the horses supplied with water. With the stable taps and the streams all frozen, I had to carry water from the house every time I went to feed them. But they wouldn't look at the water until they had eaten all the food - by which time the water was frozen solid. And if I went back later, the horses would have disappeared down the valley........

The problem was solved by Rab and Blossom - both eight months old - who set off to find the horses and bring them back to the yard to drink. This was entirely their own idea and was such a success that they did it several times a day until the thaw came - when they were very disappointed to find themselves out of a job!


Above : Summer 2010

 Off to a good start...... Lyn Armour's Robbie ( B.Brown Bear ) at 14weeks!

Robbie is a son of Brambledale Blodyn and Briery Glen.

Above and below: Carolin Kupper with Brambledale Bubbles (Cuddles) at home in Germany.

Brambledale Brianna (Nan) at Langdale 2002
Brambledale Brianna (Nan) at Langdale 2002
Here is Nan at just nine months old, having her first experience of shepherding at the Working Bearded Collie Society's annual gathering at Langdale,Cumbria. Sister Nancy watched with great interest and decided to have a go herself when she got home.....
.....so she took me along for some tuition with a local sheepdog expert....
.......and at Langdale the following year she showed off her skills.......
......gave Nan a hand with her penning as well......
....and then let her try it again on her own!
And they were still only 22months old!
Nan's son Brambledale Black Bob (Wolfie)
Nan's son Brambledale Black Bob (Wolfie)
Wolfie makes the most of his first herding lessons with owner Pierre Gsell and trainer Carl Borgstrom in Austria 2009.
Brambledale Black Enya
Brambledale Black Enya
Enya, litter sister to Wolfie, has her first herding lesson with owner Christiane Grosser in Germany.2009.
Wolfie's son, Angus. (Raving Spirit Angus)
Wolfie's son, Angus. (Raving Spirit Angus)
Christiane's home-bred youngster shows promise too.
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