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13 September 2018
Bea's Babies' New Lives...

Parting with puppies is always a wrench, so I am very grateful to all the new owners who take the trouble to send me news and pictures of their progress.

Bea's babies are growing up fast and obviously enjoying their new lives, as you can see below:

Above and below is Fergus, who now lives in Norfolk with two Border Collie pals.

His owner is much involved in the serious - and sometimes life saving - work of 'Search and Rescue' and young Fergus has already started learning the basics.

And the two photos below are of Teddy, now living in Gloucestershire and making sure that he is involved in everything that his owners do. Soon after arriving in his new home he found his 'Dad' cutting the hedge - and decided to help by sitting on top of it!

And here are my inseparable twins, who eat, sleep and play together and are devoted 'partners in crime'............



.............followed by little  Harper, now a Yorkshire lass and

enjoying the Yorkshire moors...........

And relaxing in her bunk bed beneath her brown Beardie friend....

Harper's 'mum', Kerensa Mckie, is a keen agility fan, so I hope that Harper will live up to her registered name, 'Brambledale Bounce'! 

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