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19 August 2018
Teddy 's New Home

My thanks to the many people who contacted me after seeing my mention of Teddy. I would have needed half a dozen Teddies to satisfy everyone! But I am happy to report that Teddy went home with his new mum and dad yesterday and I was delighted to receive this message from them last night:

"Teddy is an absolute delight.  He travelled really well and mostly just lay on the back seat with me,  occasionally lifting his head if a noisy motorbike passed us, but not too worried.

Teddy and Bertie (elderly resident Beardie) are getting on fine.  We needn't have worried. A bit of caution at first, then lots of waggy tails.  I then walked them both round the garden and into the field  and it was extraordinary, as if it was Teddy's home and he was showing Bertie around.  He led the way all the time. Such a bold, confident and happy puppy. He has brought a real smile to our faces for the first time in awhile.  Thank you so much for letting us have such a wonderful, confident brave little puppy."

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