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27 April 2018

I loved this news from my good friend Vicky Hassell, who has owned Brambledale Beardies for some thirty six years and currently shares her life with Finn and his younger full brother, Rafe. Vicky writes:

"One cold, wet day back in February I had clearly been spending too long at my computer and a bored Finn decided to galvanise me into action by reminding me that the birds needed feeding. Alerted by a clattering in the utility room I was ready with my camera wondering what 'trophy' he had found. In he trotted and dumped the, fortunately empty, scoop in my lap! His timing was perfect and he was rewarded with a trip outside to replenish the empty feeders - clever boy!"


Vicky's Beardies enjoy life to the full - as is obvious from the wonderful photo below:

Vicky comments:

"Here is a photo from the snowfall just before Easter. Sadly the long grass in the paddock was really too rough for tobogganing, so Finn and Rafe never really got going .... but they did have lots of fun chasing snowballs!"

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