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01 October 2017
Another Birthday............

Today is the fifth birthday of the second of Hanner's two litters, both sired by Glen. We send our best wishes to them all.

Vicky Hassell has sent me some lovely birthday photos of her boy, Rafe, and his older full brother, Finn......

Vicky writes of Rafe "He is always alert to the sounds, sights and smells of the forest, but content to keep watch whilst I stop to scan for birds or fossick amongst the flowers. He will listen peaceably to the Ravens and Buzzards calling overhead, but should a Jay squawk he explodes into action racing in wild pursuit with Finn at his heels. I'm sure that they know that it is useless, they never get close to the birds that seem to mock them from the tree-tops, but the joy is in the chase. They soon give up, and often resort instead to chasing one another through the trees switching in turn from hunter to hunted in a game that always seems fair, governed by signals too subtle for me to detect. It sums up Rafe perfectly - sweet, gentle companion yet fast, fearless and fun-loving action dog. He and Finn continue to be the best of friends and our much loved companions in everything we do."

Rafe and Finn.

Incidentally, Hanner will be ten in January but is still as fast and agile as she was as a two year old. And Glen is a 'Peter Pan', who has never grown up......

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