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04 June 2016
Brambledale Birthdays Abroad

Following the previous news item, featuring Breeze, I was delighted to have news from the owners of two of her expatriate litter mates.

Christiane Grosser writes from Germany:

"Enya still loves to work sheep. Just 14 days ago she had the last trial of her herding competition career in Vienna (Austria). First day Laura and Enya competed in trial class 2 (FCI traditional style) and got into 3rd place with an Excellent, second day they started in trial class 3 and got a Very Good, just a few points away from an Excellent, which was really great as the courses were very challenging."

Quite an achievement for an eleven year old! And before taking up herding, Enya and her young handler Laura also had a very successful career in agility competitions.

...and, from France, Martine and Pierre Gsell write:

"Wolfie is eleven today, and still running 20 km in the mountains... Thank you Lynne!"

Wolfie (Brambledale Black Bob) has sired many lovely litters all over Europe, bringing much needed fresh genes into the show-bred Beardies......

........and here are just four of Wolfie's offspring - all of whom have obviously inherited the Brambledale enthusiasm for an active life!

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