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30 May 2016
Birthdays Again!

Our Brambledale Breeze has always been such an easy-going and unassuming character that she is easily overlooked, so this, her eleventh birthday, is a good opportunity to recognise the crucial role she has played in making the Brambledale family what it is today. Of our twelve resident Brambledales, four - Rab, Biddy, Blodyn and Hanner – are her children; three – Mouse, Blossom and Bruma – are her grandchildren and Beatrice is her niece. The remaining four are Breeze herself and her three full sisters, Nell, Merle and Mottie, who were born in 2004 and celebrated their twelfth birthday in February this year.

The picture above and the two below show Breeze enjoying her birthday at home today......

........and the following pictures show just some of her granddaughters, who will be two years old tomorrow.

Above and below: my Bruma...

......followed by Bramble, owned by Caroline and Jeremy Bickerton, who write:

"......we cannot think what we did  before we had her.

She is involved in virtually everything we do, whether it is a trip into Oxford or going on holiday. We go to a non competitive agility class every week with her and she loves it and gets so excited when we arrive. The lady who runs it says “ Bramble goes throughout the stratosphere with excitement!” She is very good at it the only problem is that the handler (me!) sometimes cannot keep up with her.

We take her out for two walks every day and she loves swimming in the river and playing with her best friend who is a Collie.She also loves playing with a tennis ball and a ring in the field next to us.

We have noticed that she is extremely alert to what is going on around her and she is always looking in every direction to see who is coming and what is happening. We think back to the day we chose her and remember that when all the puppies were lying down and you walked back to the house Bramble sat up and watched you to see where you were going and then started to follow you.

She is very good with food and will never take it until she is told to. You trained her well when she was a puppy.

When our daughter Lucy comes home she greats her with high pitched squeals of delight and lots of hugs and kisses.

We you thought of you the other day when you told us we must praise  her when she brings things to us. In this instance it was part of a dead rabbit which she showed us with great delight.

Many thanks for letting us have Bramble and she will be celebrating her second birthday with a long walk with her best doggie friend and a drink in the pub."

.......and the following three pictures show Bramble enjoying life to the full...

And Rachael Waller writes of her Tiffin....(below)

"Tiffin's really well, still as mischievous, stubborn and funny as ever - she's the best thing in the world."

And then the two boys.......

 Lesley Neville writes:

"Where did two years go? I am sending you a couple of photos of Tedi on his
birthday. He is working well, he took a little longer than Dewy did to
understand all about the work we do but the penny has now dropped and he is
enjoying all the running, bouncing and jumping we do in our sport!"

He certainly seems to be enjoying himself as you can see below......

And last but by no means least is Toulouse, whose devoted owners, the Waters family, say simply

"He really is the most wonderful dog!"

From the look on his face, I have a feeling that Toulouse knows that....

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