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30 May 2015
One year Old....

Tomorrow is the first birthday of last year's lovely litter born to Blodyn and Glen. My thanks to their owners for all their photos and progress reports.

Caroline and Jeremy Bickerton are clearly delighted with Bramble (Brambledale Blodette) and write: 

" She has exceeded our expectations and is proving a wonderful companion to us both. She is extremely alert and is always looking around to see what is going on. She is well behaved when we take her out or when people come to our house and exceptionally gentle with other dogs and children. Being retired we take her almost everywhere we go and she loves it whether it be shopping, days out or walking in town. She travels very well in the car. Most of all she enjoys her walks which she goes on twice a day.

She has the run of the house and sleeps with us in our bedroom either on an old couch or in her bed. As soon as one of us gets up she hops into bed for a cuddle.

She is very calm and placid and waits patiently for everything whether it be food or getting ready to go out. We are forever grateful to you for letting us have Bramble and she gives us so much love and affection."

I love the following four pictures of Bramble:


Jane and James Waters are equally delighted with their boy, named Toulouse (Brambledale Black Teddy). They describe him as

"..... quite simply the most affectionate dog we have ever known giving unforgettable welcomes to all members of the family whenever he sees us!   He is great company and loves coming with us everywhere, whether to his favourite beach or to a concert at the Bath festival. He makes friends with every other dog he meets and his best friend is a Labrador called Meg with whom he plays for hours both by and in the sea."

And the following three pictures suggest that Toulouse is also enjoying life:


While Liz McLardy writes of her Jess (Brambledale Black Jess):

" what an amazing beast she is-total athlete very naughty and such a laugh we are all totally besotted-especially james[I -dont-want-another-dog-person]

Smoke jumping seems to be the in game at the moment-we have had quite a few bonfires-and she loves bouncing around trying to catch the smoke-keeps her busy for ages"

Three pictures of Jess below.


Rachael Waller describes her Tiffin (Brambledale Black Tiffin) as

"...a very cuddly and soppy dog who loves being around us, she has to join in on everything.  She is my constant companion as I'm at home virtually every day, which I love!"

Below is Rachael with Tiffin and Duke the Spaniel, followed by Tiffin discovering that she has grown! And the third picture shows her relaxing with Richard. 


Lesley Neville writes of Tedi Brown (Brambledale Brown Tedi):

 "Tedi sails through the day without a care in the world! He loves to ambush his big brother when they are playing 
in the garden - poor Dewy's ears do seem to get chewed a lot! But if he oversteps the mark big brother knows how to put him back in his place and all this is taken with good humour by Tedi. 

He is a lovely boy with such a happy nature, friendly to other dogs that he meets and he loves to greet people with a bounce and a smile. He will be experiencing his first holiday in the caravan next week, somehow I think he will take it all in his stride, and will soon be entering his first Heelwork 
To Music Show. I will let you know how he gets on with that." 


And here are three pictures of my beloved Bruma.......she is a wonderful combination of enthusiasm and gentleness, a tireless worker and the sweetest, most gentle companion...

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