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13 May 2015
Birthday Time Again.....

Tomorrow will be the fourth birthday of the seven pups born in Hanner and Glen's first litter and I am very grateful to the kind owners who have sent news and photos of four of them.

Above and below is Brodie (Brambledale Ben Brown), proudly owned by Carole and Chris Gledhill, who have recently moved from Wales to Scotland. Brodie is apparently delighted with his new territory - and is especially enjoying exploring it in the family's new Motorhome.

Below is another beach boy, Vicky Hassell's Finn (B.Bill Brown). Vicky explains   "this picture  was taken just as he'd lost one of his 'flying rings' at sea and it took a lot of persuasion to leave the beach! 
It's hard to believe that another year has already flown by and Finn has enlivened and enriched our lives for nearly four years now!"  

Vicky is a keen bird watcher and finds Finn the ideal companion on her birding expeditions as he is so good at waiting patiently and not causing any disturbance. She concludes "....but above all he is our dearly loved friend and companion and we simply can't imagine life without him and his younger brother Rafe."

Below are sisters Honey (B.Brown Honey) and Nell (B. Black Belle), who have a wonderful life in Scotland with Malcolm and Eileen Coupe.

Eileen writes:

"We can hardly believe it's 4 years since Honey and Nell were born. This is a couple of photos of them taken at one of their regular visits to Mabie forest. They have grown into two beautiful dogs and are admired very often by people when we are out and about with them. They are both very affectionate dogs and just love company. We have a great grandson aged two and a half who just adores them and they are ever so good with him, they are also very welcoming to anyone visiting the house and are always praised for how well behaved they are during their visit."

Our love and best wishes also go to the other members of the litter,Barbara Hall's Bertie (B. Black Tom), Trish Parsons' B. Bizzie Lizzie and Margaret and Martin Canter's B. Belle Brown.

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