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01 October 2014
Two Years Old Today


 Hanner and Glen's second litter was born on October 1st 2012, so the youngsters are celebrating their second birthday today. 

Below is Vicky Hassell's Rafe, who enjoys life in North Devon with his older brother, Finn.

Vicky writes:

"Rafe continues to be so affectionate and intelligent, always ready to join in any adventure whether a long hike over the moors or exploring beaches and cliffs or just birdwatching with me in the local woods.  He has endeared himself to all our visitors with his gentle affection, and brought great comfort to one very sick friend of ours.  Thank you so much for letting him become a part of our and Finn's lives."

Above and below is Gill Taylor's Glenys, who is taking life easy at the moment as she has a badly cut foot....and is clearly making the most of the extra cuddles! But she is a keen agility fan and hopes to be back in action soon.

Another agility girl is Hannah and Alex Arthur's Gwen, shown in the following two pictures......

Hannah writes:

"It is hard to believe Gwen has reached her second birthday.  As you can see she has a very happy and cheeky grin.  She believes in making herself useful.  If the cat is waiting to be fed she will come and get me and insists that I do so immediately.  

She also likes to help in the garden.  She was watching as I was taking some plants that had finished flowering out of their pots.  When I came back from work the following lunchtime she had removed various other plants from their pots and  arranged the pots artistically around the garden.

She loves her agility and jumps as high as she can just for the fun.  She thinks the tunnel is great fun and if we are not watching when clearing up she will sneak in an extra go.  

Gwen has developed a special shimmy which has been named the Gwennywiggle - it is reserved for Lily in order to get her to play poor Lily doesn't stand a chance.  Gwen and Lily love playing with balls and rings and the rings appear in very many strange places.  One did appear in the bath!
At the end of a busy day she settles on her bed with all four feet in the air, her head at a strange angle and her bottom on a cushion.  She is an excellent alarm clock and knows when we are working and should be up, and when it is a day off.  
  Don't ask me how!  she has saved our bacon on a couple of occasions now. " 

And below is Jo Beaumont's lovely Fergus, with his Collie friend, enjoying a break during another busy day at their water-mill home in Somerset.....

Jo writes "Here is  Fergus and his favourite ball. He enjoys digging holes for it in the grass so that he can then pop it in, and dig it out again! We are thinking of putting in a crazy golf course. 
Nothing exciting to report this year. He is such great fun, after breakfast he checks to see what clothes we have on, his main joy is to help working outside, so that he can keep an eye on any passing walkers or cars.
The other photo is of his best playing friend Lily after they helped us roll some new soil for grass seeding last weekend. Cue large wash in the river."


The following four pictures show Charlie Morley's Beryl and Drift....     The first two are of Beryl, joined by Drift in the third and the fourth is of Drift again.

Charlie writes:

"Beryl and Drift continue to be a constant delight, their enthusiasm and interest in everything is exhausting and never a dull moment with the mischief they can dream up together! Beryl seems to be running her own 'tuck shop' with the number of bones she buries and then digs up for the others when required.
My constant companions, I have never known such affectionate dogs and wish I could keep them at 2 years old forever, I don't know where the time has gone but everyday they bring immense pleasure.
Both Drift and Beryl enjoy some fun agility (we don't compete) but they are never so happy and alert as when working and training with the sheep."




And the handsome fellow below is Gruff who belongs to Janet and Tudor Thomas....... 


Janet writes:

"Gruff is still keeping us amused and on our toes! He is always with one of us, keeping us company, watching what we're doing, and usually trying to help!! He loves being out and about on our smallholding. He has helped round up the chickens when they've escaped and is beginning to help with the sheep. He also goes out running with our son - I don't know who tires first!"  


I am very grateful to all the owners for their photos and progress reports - and most of all for making sure that their beloved Beardies enjoy life to the full......it is wonderful to see the happiness shining in every face!

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