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21 August 2014
Happiness is.........

Now twelve weeks old, Blodyn's pups are growing fast and I am delighted to hear how much happiness they have brought to their new families......

Caroline Bickerton says of Bramble (above)

“ She has an adorable personality very loving and keen to please.  In short we all adore her.   We will keep you updated and thank you so much for all the effort you put into her early days.” 

Teddy Black - now renamed 'Toulouse' and shown above with Polly Waters - has an equally appreciative family....

“....... our puppy is truly life enhancing.  Our son came up yesterday especially to see him and was overwhelmed.  He has a delightful nature and is a very creative player.  He is very responsive to voices and is growing at a rate of knots!”   James Waters

Rachael Waller's Tiffin (above and below) is making lots of new friends and has formed a special bond with the husky next door, in spite of a very inconvenient fence........


Liz McLardy's Jess (above and below) is clearly enjoying life in Inverness and has even persuaded Liz's elderly cat, Moss, to join in her games.  Liz has sent some lovely video clips but sadly, I can't post them direct onto the website. The journey from SW Wales to NE Scotland was quite an experience for Jess as the McLardys' camper van suffered a series of problems en route but Liz reported; 

"..... little dog was brilliant. She has been amazing and then was racing round with my great nephews once we got here. I am so pleased with her.” 

Teddy Brown's new mum, Lesley Neville writes....

"Tedi is really well settled into his new home now, he sleeps through the night without stirring, and plays and sleeps through the day – what a life!

.......the puppies do seem to have such a friendly and  balanced attitude to life. We have quite an exciting project here.  My Step grandchildren, aged 3 and 5, have been taught by their mother to be afraid of dogs (because she is afraid of dogs) to the point where they would scream and run away when they saw a dog – a sure way to get bitten!

Since Tedi arrived they have come with their father and got to know him, they will now stroke him and play tuggie with him, they even ask to come and see him."

Tedi has also formed a firm friendship with his big brother, Dewy and the two of them play together for hours........just as Tedi's sister, Bruma, plays with Dewy's litter sister, Beatrice, here at Maes yr Haul....  (series of photos below)




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