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14 May 2014
Happy Birthday!

Birthday greetings to the three sons and four daughters of Hanner and Glen, who will be three years old tomorrow - and my thanks to the owners who sent the beautiful portraits below.  

 The handsome fellow  above is Brodie (B. Ben Brown), who belongs to Chris and Carole Gledhill. Carole writes:

"He still enjoys his ‘braintraining’ classes and agility and particularly likes tracking work. He loves to be amongst people and likes nothing more than to greet guests arriving to stay in our holiday cottage next door - always hoping they will play with him of course!"

And here is Finn (B. Bill Brown), owned by Vicky and Michael Hassell. Vicky writes:

"Needless to say he is as always our beloved companion, affectionate, full of energy, enthusiasm and fun. He has a real sense of humour but is also remarkably empathetic. As a birdwatching companion he is a joy, always at my side, enthusiastically tackling any terrain and instantly still and patient when I stop to raise my binoculars to scrutinise some far-off bird - something he has never been taught. He is a wonderful older brother to Rafe, joining him enthusiastically in his escapades and tolerating his energetic excesses with good humour and attempting to teach him good manners by example."

Below: Finn with his birthday present....

And the two lovely lasses above and below are Honey (B. Brown Honey) and Nell (B. Black Belle),  owned by Malcolm and Eileen Coupe, who say of them;

"They have grown up to be the most adorable dogs. Both very different characters, Nell is rather laid back and likes to help out in the garden and study everything we do, also what the neighbours are doing, she is very loving. Honey is more lively and full of fun, she loves playing and is quite a comedian especially when she wants Nell to chase her. She likes to look after me and loves kisses.

Now that Malcolm has retired we have lots of time for us all to be out together. They enjoy their trips out in the car and their long runs at the sea side also the forests. They love to be taken to Pets at Home where all the staff make a fuss of them.  We just couldn't imagine our life's without them."

My grateful thanks to all these devoted owners for their news, beautiful photographs and - most of all - for giving their lucky Beardies such wonderful lives.

Our love and best wishes also go to the other members of the litter -  the Canter's B.Belle Brown, Barbara Hall's Bertie and Trish Parson's B.Bizzie Lizzie.

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