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15 April 2014
All Fours....

Yesterday was a special birthday for the litter born to Breeze and Glen four years ago as the four siblings were four years old on the fourteenth of the fourth, two thousand and fourteen.

Below is my Rab (B.Brab), who is maturing into a very handsome fellow and a lovely character, whose relaxed attitude to life, combined with a determination to look after me makes him especially lovable.

And below is my B Biddy, also a very gentle character who asks so little and gives so much. My thanks to Laura Grosser, who took these photos.

We send our best wishes to their  sister,  Bess (B Bessie Black), owned by Hugh and Jacqui Emerson. Hugh and Bess are well known for their sheperding and I love this picture of them relaxing after a gruelling session with the sheep....

And below are four pictures of the fourth member of the litter - Stephanie Favre's Spot (B Bright Spot) - another talented Beardie who has featured on previous News pages as sheepdog, tracker and therapist. 

Stephanie writes "We are very busy : herding traning (for the first trial, perhaps, in july), mantrailing training, agility training.
This year, for the first time, we have been herding a flock of cows (30 prim holstein) and Spoty was fabulous : he knew naturally herding cows !"


Sadly, Stephanie has recently lost her older Beardie, Uhlan, but she has adopted Michka - a little mongrel bitch from Antille. I love this  picture of Spot relaxing with his new friend near their home in France.

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