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10 February 2014
Better Late than Never......

Apologies for the long gap in our News stories!

Constant storms and floods have meant that my twelve resident Brambledales and I have been  - and still are - fully occupied with  keeping our heads above water, leaving little time for anything else.

So I am very grateful to those faithful owners of our Mottie x Glen 2012 litter who sent pictures to celebrate their second birthday yesterday.

Above and Below: Lesley Neville and Dewy (B.Blue Dewy), continue their winning ways in the dog dancing arena. (Picture 1 by Allan Brown, 2 by Janet McPherson)

Below: Kim Cosan's Shiloh (B. Blue Shiloh), described by Kim as " A very loving, gentle, inquisitive dog". He certainly looks very elegant here, but he and Kim  also enjoy their agility.

Above: Jean Stothard's much loved companion, Bryn (B. Blue Bryn) waiting for a game.

Above; Debbie Heron's Kat ( B. Blue Kat) ready for action, as always and a keen agility enthusiast.

Below (1,2 + 3): My beloved B. Beatrice, who keeps me smiling whatever the weather. Not only one of the most intelligent Beardies I have ever known but  also one of the most  enthusiastic,  agile and affectionate - quite a girl!  (My thanks to Laura Grosser, who took these pictures last Autumn  - I don't think we have had a dry day since!) 


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