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21 August 2013
Nosy Neighbours

Charlie Morley, who, with husband Andy, owns ten-month-old litter brother and sister, Drift (B Black Drift) and B Beryl, has kindly allowed me to  share  this delightful photo of the two of them  keeping an eye on the neighbours......

Charlie writes:

"The twins have been keeping me company up in my attic studio this week as I'm working on a commission of a Springer Spaniel. They play and sleep but if they hear voices from another garden they're up at the window like a couple of nosy neighbours which is very funny to see as they twist and turn their heads and then look at each other as if to say 'I didn't quite catch that, what did she say…really?'  Beryl is sensibly making use of the paperwork as she's smaller than Drift. I'll have to put a seat there for them so they don't miss anything!"

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