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14 May 2013
Another Birthday

Hanner's first litter by Glen will be two years old tomorrow and one of them, Trish Parsons' Brambledale Bizzie Lizzie, is also celebrating winning her class at her first ever obedience show. Her she is with her red rosette - and her new friend, a swan who has taken up residence at the Parsons' home.

Trish writes : "Where have the last two years gone ? all I know is I have had so much pleasure and happiness since having Mivvi, she is my little soul mate."

 Above and below are two of Mivvi's sisters, Nell (B.Black Belle) and Honey (B. Brown Honey), who also keep their owners,  Eileen and Malcolm Coupe, busy with trips to beaches, fields and forest. Eileen writes: "They have come on tremendously and are a joy to both of us."

And below is their  sister, the Canter family's B Belle Brown.....

.....whose owners write: "Dilly is well and happy and an unusually beautiful colour. She draws a fan club wherever she goes. Dilly is very clever and loves to catch balls in mid air. she is better at finding lost toys than any human and has a huge "vocabulary" She is a much loved family member, who keeps us all on our toes."

 And Dilly is followed by litter  brother, Vicky Hassell's Finn (B. Bill Brown, centre) together with his young full brother, Rafe (B.Black Rafe, nearest camera)and dear old Brig (B Brigand), who will be seventeen in July. Vicky writes
"I think you'll be able to see from the picture that they are in fine fettle and they still attract many admirers. Finn and Rafe continue to be the best of friends and provide us with endless amusement and lots of exercise! Like Finn, Rafe shows plenty of problem solving skills - for example, last night he wanted to reach a bone on the kitchen counter which was lying on a piece of kitchen paper. He couldn't reach the bone directly but very carefully pulled on the paper thus bringing the bone into his reach. Unfortunately Finn hasn't yet taught him how to wash his paws!"

And below is brother Brodie (B Ben Brown), whose owner, Carole Gledhill, writes: " Hard to believe 2 years have gone by since Brodie came into our lives. He is just wonderful, a true friend and companion with a lovely nature + a cheeky side too. He has many little ploys to get us to pick up a ball and play!  He is an absolute whizz with the ball and Frisbee and his favourite place to be is on the beach. Only problem is he thinks he can join in with every game of football he comes across! He attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes and his beautiful coat is much commented upon, as are his unusual eyes.

Above: Barbara Hall's devoted companion, Bertie (B Black Tom) described by his family as "A big character and loved by all who meet him!"

 We send them all our love and best wishes.

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