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14 November 2012
Fireworks? What fireworks..?

 I was delighted to get this e-mail and photo from Jean Stothard at 7.30pm on November 5th :
"Fireworks? What fireworks? Bryn asleep with his favourite teddy during a firework party being held by neighbours!!"

And Jean added......

"He gives us so much pleasure and amusement- yesterday I gathered the items necessary for going to the beach,when Grat went to the front door to take these to the car Bryn had added his selection, 2 teddy bears 3 balls and various other things in a very neat pile next to the one I had made!! It was so funny, every day he thinks of something new to amuse us. He has made many friends, one especially, grandson Jake who has to see him on a regular basis otherwise I'm sent messages to take him along. Bryn loves this and goes out to play with Jake and his friends."

Bryn (Brambledale Blue Bryn)is from our Glen x Mottie litter, born in February this year.

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