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02 October 2012
Land of their Fathers...and Mothers...

Among the many visitors who braved our relentlessly wet weather this 'summer', was our old friend Carolin Kupper, who came over from Germany and brought her Brambledale girls, Cuddles and Cap, to visit their birthplace. 

 Above + Below: Carolin , Cuddles and Cap enjoy the Welsh coast.

Above: So much to see! Below: Our Biddy greets Carolin.


Another member of the family to make a return visit to Britain was Spot (B. Bright Spot), litter brother to Biddy and Rab. Spot and his owner, Stephanie Favre, came over from France to  Jacky Goulder's  herding centre in Yorkshire. Here he is at work:

  Spot also met his other sister, Hugh and  Jacqui Emerson's Bess (B. Bessie Black) and the two posed together for the picture below.....

; *************************************

And here are a few pictures of some more of the resident Brambledales, taken by Caroline during her visit......

Above: Cap's baby sister, Beatrice at six months old.

 Two-year-old litter sisters, Blossom (above) and Mouse (below). (Robbie, featured in the previous news item on 29.8.2012, is another from the same litter.)

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