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06 July 2010
Flying the Nest

 Seven of our babies have flown the nest and our love and best wishes go with them and their new families.

B. Balmy Breeze ( above at 10weeks)has gone to join Barry Bray and his lovely Bramble....

B. Brown Bear (above, at 10 weeks) has gone home to Blairgowrie with Lyn Armour, Jeremy Fletcher and family.

B. Bessie Brown ( above, at 4 weeks, in Jacqui Emerson's lap) has moved in with her Great Aunt Talley, Lorraine Storer and Keith Wingett, in Plymouth.

B. Brown Boots ( above at 8weeks) and B. Black Boots ( below, at 8weeks) are the latest in a long line of Brambledales to join Pat and Douglas Neil in Burry Port.

B. Bright Spot ( above) is with Stephanie Favre in Senantes, France. Here he is in his new home at 11weeks.......                                 .......while his sister, B. Bessie Black ( below, at 8weeks) has gone to Jacqui and Hugh Emerson of Raefell Beardies.

B. Brown Mouse ( above, at 10weeks), B. Brab ( below at 8weeks ) and his litter sister, B. Biddy ( below Brab, also at 8weeks) seem to have decided to stay where they are.......


..........and little B. Blossom ( above at 10 weeks) also says that she is quite happy here - so that's that......our family has suddenly grown!

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