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26 April 2010
Blodyn's Big Surprise!


 The first BROWN  Brambledales in nearly forty  years!                                                               

   Since both parents and all four grandparents are slate, I had expected an all-slate litter........so I could hardly believe my eyes when Blodyn produced FIVE BROWNS and just two slates!


   Here they are today, at three days old and all thriving, in spite of being born several days early.


    The explanation is that the brown must have come through Blodyn's father, Lester, who , although a slate himself, has a brown father and three brown grandparents of the Sallen line. But it is remarkable that after two all-slate generations, the brown should come through to such an extent.

     When I established the Brambledales in the early 60s, my foundation trio were two slates and a blue, but, since two of them each had one brown parent, my early litters contained all four colours. Apart from B. Briar Rose, (1966), who was fawn, I only kept slates and blues, and never used a brown dog, so the brown soon disappeared from the line. ........until now!


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