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From Readers Letters on THE NEATH FERRET


"Bosshunters is a boutique recruitment business, providing senior executive and non-executive recruitment expertise".

Remember Bosshunters, Elizabeth Haywood Hain's exclusive recruitment agency? Well I reckon it's dead, kaput, bitten the dust. Any mention of it has disappeared off the Haywood Hain LLP website. I'm not surprised it's gone. To be honest, even in its prime I'd have thought it had a lot of competition - and where there's competition, it's the strong usually survive.

This time, of course, Hain can't blame the Murdoch press as he did when his Mrs couldn't flog her previous failing recruitment business Kmc. I expect they'll blame those wicked Tories or those who voted for Brexit instead.

Great name though. I always thought Hain and Liz had a chuckle at it when you consider the acronym given to the South African security agency prior to the ending of apartheid (pronounced aparthaid if you're a bit affected) was BOSS. 

Posted by Stan on 28 November 2016

Wicked Tories, oh dear, do they still supply a senior officer in children's services at NPT council, or his he now on the authority payrole?

Posted by Ex Tory Agent on 28 November 2016

sounds more like sobbshunters 

Posted by 77 on 29 November 2016

Do tell us more, Ex Tory Agent.
Were Bosshunters used to source this senior officer? And if so, what cut would they have been on I wonder.

Posted by Stan on 29 November 2016

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